Thursday, 26 June 2014

Happy Birthday Prof Brainiac

BE WARNED: Don't be deceived by that sassy pose! Hidden beneath those layers of afro curls and ample bossom is the most brilliant mind and brain that I know. My dearest friend, sister and professional colleague is a year older, yippeee!!! I should have put the put up this post yesterday but I couldn't find the right words to describe her amazing skills, talents and personalty. You really need to meet this Prof Braniac. I met Mary as a journalist at Africa Indepedent Television (AIT) eons  ago. You couldn't help but notice this young, whirl-wind-of a lady as she stormed into the room. "How could such a pint sized, teddy bear- height  girl pack up so much energy ?", I wondered from my small corner in the office as she engaged in an argument with the desk editor. That argument was one of the many I'd see my new friend engage The thing is Mary is a very creative person, brilliant script writer, reporter and presenter but was stuck in a quagmire which did not  allow her fully "unleash" her passion to the fullest hence the conflicts. Even the "ogas" admitted she was a force to be reckoned with!
I secretly called her "hurricane mary" 'cos she was such a drama but her drama had a reason and a purpose. Her reports were the outlets for her creativity and she'll gladly unleash the wrath of the titans on anyone who dares to stem that Mary was trully passionate about her job and knew it well.  I constantly looked out for any of her productions; she somehow had the ability to turn a crappy idea into a brilliant programme.  Her edgy and infectious personality alway  shone through the television screen at you-what do you expect from the hurricane One of Mary's amazing programme was "VOICES" a documentary styled programme that showcased social and humanitarian injustices in Nigeria. Brilliant show, well researched and produced.  Someone once asked how and where do I get my "crazy" friends from? the answer is simple-I DEY CRASE MYSELF afterall birds of the same feathers flock What actually amazes me is that I somehow find myself surrounded by intelligent women that are brilliant in their fields of endeavour. I am definitely not complaining because scriptures says "He that walks with the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools shall be destroyed" Proverbs 13:20. I am proud to be associated with this braniac!  In all, my dear Mary is an amazing and great friend. She is a very much appreciated member of  my inner circle of friends and support network. She encouraged and supported my decision to keep my pregnancy in the wake of rejection. Mary did not judge but applauded my choice, for that I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL.
Dearest Mary, I am proud of the woman you've become and the amazing mother that you are. This post is  incomplete without that delightful (tyrant) bundle of joy of yours NAOMI.
This adorable cutie is the reason my friend has become a mushy mum-THANKS NAO.
Happy birthday vex I tire to type..lool.
Told y'all she was love you babes!

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  1. Aww Gladys. This ALMOST made me cry. But that privilege is reserved for my one and only mini-terrorist, so there. Thank you darling. You know I love you, and you sef know say you dey crase. LOL. God bless you