Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Lord's Mercy Endures

EDITOR'S NOTE: If I were God, I would have give given up on me a looooong time ago! Many times whe I mess up, He cleans me up but like a dog the stench of my vomit is more desirable than cleanliness. We live in a time that when something is broken or ceases to serve its purpose, its out in the bin-no room for repairs or patchwork! NO ROOM FOR SECOND CHANCES. In the movie  " The World's End" featuring Simon Pegg, the major protagonists so frustrated the robot invaders that they gladly abandoned earth to its fate! The dialogue that ensued in that scene is the most hilarious I have ever
 How blessed is the human race that God is nothing like those invading robots.
When you consider God's Mercy, what comes to mind? Read this devotional by Dorothy Valcarcel. Enjoy.

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