Wednesday, 19 November 2014

When Seven is the Crown of Ten

My younger sister describes me with the number seven. its not because I'm the seventh child of the seventh child(lol) but because I have seven fingers following a ghastly motor accident in 2003. Despite this physical challenge I'm undeterred rather resolute to make a difference in life seven fingers and all. The significance of seven occurred to me after I read a loving poem written by my sister and dedicated to me.(Vickie is such an amazing writer). I realised seven is the number that denotes completion and perfection. In an article written by William Brown posted in Sermon Central "one is the number of God, Six the number of man. Man is far from complete in his natural state but when man receieves God as his God and Saviour  then incomplete man becomes complete. ONE +SIX=SEVEN.  
she calls me seven not to mock me but as constant reminder that I've done more with seven than I did with ten.
Gladys Otono Atsenokhai (MC SHAKARA
I have done more with God than on my own . Its not a reminder of what I've lost but what I've gained with God. My seven fingers remind me of the frailties of the flesh and the strength of God. Man is nothing without God. When I see myself in the mirror, I don't see imperfections, I see strength, I see beautiful, I SEE GOD WHEN I SEE SEVEN. Enjoy the beautiful poem by Vickie Ara Otono(yep! she changed her name

The legend of seven
Seven made the meals
Seven changed the diapers
Seven cracked the jokes and made the broken hearts of 10 to laugh again
Seven boldly took the microphone and made ten sit up! Watch, play, pray, seven made a world a playground
Seven gave the words that made ten succeed
Seven drove the car like ten never did 
Seven took an area and became their mama
Seven became a mom to 10 when mama seven left! 
Seven is not the end of a born to win!
Seven sang in church and souls were won!
Seven fed ten and ten came for more!
This is my mom, she has seven great fingers and I love her so deep! What have you done with your ten fingers!

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