Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Find Your Niche.

I have watched Monster's University, a Disney animated movie over a gazillion times but still can't get enough of the movie. I just love it. Aside from its entertainment values, I appreciate on a deeper level the underlying themes that runs through the plot. The movie follows the unusual relationship between Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan and how these mismatched monsters overcame their differences and became great friends. They overcame visible odds to become an impressive scare team, all these feats and more despite their obvious differences but between Wazowski's ingenious mind and Sully's Scary scream, it worked out well.
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However, the character of Wazowski is my focus in this post. Wazowski got on the Scare programme at Monster's University because he wanted to be a scare monster. It was a dream and passion that had followed him all his life. He was not only consumed by this passion, he pursued it relentlessly. His career choice was either SCARE OR SCARE nothing else! He read all the books on Scaring, had a plan and followed it meticulous. This one eyed monster did the "7 steps in achieving your vision" but there was a problem. Wazowski was not a scary monster! He looked more adorable and cuddly than scary. Everybody knew this except him. He knew everything about scaring, in fact he motivated his scare team into finding their inner scare yet he fell short of the scare standards.
Wazowski had the head knowledge and strategies on being a scare monster but that did not translate well for him. He could help others be the best scarer but that didn't make him a good scarer until he found his true niche. Through a series of unfortunate events in the first instalment of the movie, Monster's Inc, Wazowski discovered his true calling-COMEDY.
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 Despite his drive and passion for scaring his niche was in making children laugh and in following that vision he made an interesting discovery and changed Monsters history. Although he excelled as Sully's supervisor in generating the most scream but as a comic he broke the bars and set new standards. He unwittingly discovered that laughter generated more energy and powered more homes than scream and this transformed "the monster world". AMAZING.
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While Wazowski is a fictional character his initial challenges are common occurrences among people. A lot of people are trapped in jobs and situations that are most definitely not their niche. Even if they are excelling at it, imagine the impact if its their true calling. Unlike Wazowski some fear change and would rather remain in a dead end situation than dare to change. In an episode of "How did you get so rich", a programme anchored by the late Joan Rivers, a man who'd been an average lawyer with a successful law firm found the courage to pursue his passion and became a successful Interior decorator highly sort after by Hollywood. He found his niche!
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Your niche is a situation or activity that is specially suited to your interests, ability or nature. It is your vantage position for excellence. My dear friend Ota's niche is cooking. She makes the most mouth watering dishes and can whip up a three course meal from almost nothing. She has made a career from a natural ability that she also loves passionately.
Otaniyenuwa Omregie

My niche is talk and I'm good at it. Crowds don't faze me, infact I glow like a new bride anytime I hold a microphone. Standing before a camera or speaking to an audience is natural with me no stress or hassle. The words just keep coming and I've got a sense of humour to boot.

The media especially television is my passion. WHAT IS YOURS?
For anyone trapped in any destructive behaviour, it is definitely not your niche. You are created for more. Find your niche in Christ and you'll soar beyond your wildest dream. THAT'S A FACT! 

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