Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mr Fix it

I am the crappiest person when it comes to D.I.Y. I'm just all thumbs when it comes to anything self assembly  even with products that come with the most basic manual. As far as I'm concerned manuals are written in gibberish and the pictures just don't compute with me. Don't blame me please! I didn't know how to change a bulb up till I was 28 but these and many more I started doing as a single parent(make that forced to).

  There is a saying that "necessity is the mother of invention" and I rightly agree. Prior to living alone I never showed interest in anything outside my immediate female sphere i.e money, career, men and eating. Cooking did not come Things changed for  me as a single parent living far from home. I learnt to change light bulbs, pay bills, do basic checks on my car etc. There were some things I could fix and some that I had to enlist the help of a professional. Good ol' Andre is my fix it guy. He fixes everything in my house including electrical, painting, carpentry. I break it, Andre fixes it. I need anything assembled, Andre is just a phone call away.

In the Christian walk, the Holy Spirit is the go to person when anything is broken or needs assembling. The flesh cannot help itself because its inherently flawed and weak. Paul aptly express the weakness of the flesh in Roman 7:18-19 " for I know that nothing good dwells in me that is in my flesh; for the willing is present in but the doing of the good is not.For the good I want to do I do not do but I practice the very evil that I do not want"
Now since the corruptible flesh cannot help itself it therefore needs the incorruptible to save it in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Since we are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, He is the go to person when you want something done. John 14:26(Amplified version) describes Him as the Comforter, Counsellor, Helper, Intercessor,Strengthener and Standby. You need the Holy Spirit for everything from salvation to victorious living.
Everybody with a gadget knows that some things are best repaired by its manufacturer. Who else can restore a broken world or person except the creator and those that were present at creation. The book of Genesis helps us to know that the Holy Spirit was right there at beginning of creation. I call Him God's MUSCLE MAN.
Jesus knew the disciples will be ineffective without the Holy Spirits that is why He told them in the book of Acts to wait in Jerusalem for the outpouring of the Holy and what a transformation they had when this happened. Peter went from preaching to a hundred and twenty people to an incredible three thousand! He couldn't have done that without the Holy Spirit.
The Holy spirit equips the saints, teaches, guides and enables the believer to live a victorious life.  He also interprets scripture and turns word of God into pictures.No more struggling to understand the bible.

Life will be a constant struggle without the Holy Spirit. Are you battling an addiction or need help in your Christian walk? Only the Holy Spirit can help not will power or good intentions.What are you waiting for? Call on the Holy Spirit, He's just a prayer away.

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