Tuesday, 25 November 2014

God Understands.

It was a brand new cup and I'd broken it! It wasn't just any cup, it was my fathers cup! Immediately' the tears started flowing like a stream and  painful sobs escaped my lips. I'd broken my father's cup. I was in deep trouble. In the shattered pieces, I saw fragments of my young life broken literally.
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What's the fuss about a cup you wonder? well I must say this was more than a magical cup it was my father's cup. Good ol Chief(my dad) was as stern as he looked. Many often asked if he was a military man because of the permanent scowl on his face and the bark that was his voice. But he'd never been in the army. His grumpiness was just a fa├žade that he wore but I didn't know that that night. What was topmost in my heart was the severe scolding that awaits me-that's if I was lucky. My fathers bite was terrible but his bark cut like a knife so I dreaded both.
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How do I explain that I'd broken his new cup even before it made it into the house. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. As was tradition in my family, I'd rushed out to welcome my dad as his car zoomed into the compound. I was helping with the things he'd bought when the carrier bag broke and everything fell through the bottom including his new tea mug. Words can not express the terror that swept through my being at the thought of being the object of my fathers wrath that evening. why me? I asked the heavens. I hated getting into trouble but therein I found myself.
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Seconds turned into minutes as the tears continued to pour and sobs wrench my tiny body. I couldn't bear to go inside to narrate what had happened. I was too scared-scared of the beating or tongue lashing that would follow.
The shadow looming over my frame jolted me out of my dirge. it was my father. He'd freshen up and was expecting his evening cup of tea but non was forthcoming so he'd come looking for me.
"What are you doing outside and why are you crying? asked my father.
With voice trembling in fear, I explained what had happened.
"is that why you crying? he asked. "its just a cup, he continued. "Common get inside and make me a cup of tea.
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My trembling legs could barely lift me as I walked into the house expecting a smack on the back of my head for my carelessness but none came and neither was the scolding. My father made no mention of the cup but carried on like nothing happened. I was expecting a dire beating or scolding but got none except the usual grumpiness which was allright with me given the circumstances.
I am reminded of our heavenly father's love following the events of that night. God loves us and understands our frailties. He is aware of our struggles with sin like Paul rightfully described in Romans 7:19" "For the good I want to do, I do not do but I practise the very evil that I do not want.
God understands we cannot win the battle over sin in the flesh that is why He sent His ONLY son to die for our sins. God the son walked the earth so has first hand experience of our frustrations.
Jesus is qualified to stand before the father as advocate and High priest on our behalf because He has walked in our shoes too "we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathise with our weaknesses but One who has been tempted in all things as we are yet without sin.Therefore let us draw near confidence to the throne of Grace so that we may receive mercy and find grace in time of need" Hebrew 4:15-15.
Many times when a person sins', there is the natural inclination to hid behind fig leaves just like Adam and Eve but God wants us to approach Him seeking help. He is not ignorant of our weakness but He wants us to come to Him nonetheless.
That night many years ago, I'd cried needless tears expecting a punishment that never came. If only I'd buckled up and told my father what had happened I would have saved myself the heartache. At the end of the day I found compassion because my father understood that accident happens to even the best of us despite our best intentions

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