Monday, 10 November 2014

More Than a Waka Pass Woman

A waka pass role in the Nigerian movie industry is a "barely- there" role that neither makes a difference nor enriches the plot of a movie. It is a forgettable role that a person performs in a movie that is neither memorable nor leaves the viewer longing for more.
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Waka pass in popular Nigerian parlance is also used when someone is in another's person's face but not making any valuable contribution rather making abstract illogical interference into an otherwise positive situation. That person is then told "waka pass!" Waka pass has no useful destination and is not impactful. Its a forgettable flash in the pan occurrence or person.UNINSPIRING!
Everyday life is made up of relationships casually formed or deliberately sort after. Life is all about relationships but some more interesting and longer lasting others. There are some people we meet in life who leave us craving for more interactions with them because of what they represent, who they are and for basically being themselves. Like footsteps in the sand, they imprint themselves in our hearts and lives.

Sometimes these group of people are simple, ordinary people who just impact others with their smile, personalty, experiences, actions, gestures or words. These special people draw attention to themselves by simply "being".  Their existence make a difference.
Meddy Adegboyega is definitely not a waka pass person neither is her life bland. Standing at over 5ft8 with a low cut hair style, she sure commands attention! Besides her physique and undeniable beauty, Meddy's story is that of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges to become a solicitor and a  much sought after  international speaker.
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Just watching her speak at the Unbreakable relationship dinner organised by relationship coaches Dr and Mrs Marc Salubi Benson, I couldn't help but marvel at this woman who has managed to imprint my life and others with her story.
Dr and Mrs Mac Salubi Benson (relationship and Life Coaches)
I was not the only one captivated by this woman, everybody in the room sat with open mouth wonder and a revived can-do spirit simply by encountering Meddy. I met this astonishing lady in September 2014 but I still draw inspiration from the experiences she shared. Definitely Meddy is not a waka pass woman neither is my meeting with her a fly on the wall encounter. She is an inspiration!

Jesus had a more astounding impact in the life of the people he met. Nicodemus was so impressed with what he heard about Jesus that he sneaked in a midnight visit. John 8:3-21. The woman at the well became an evangelist following a life changing talk with Jesus. John 4:1-42. Though the Pharisees and priests despised Jesus, they still sought Him out. Jesus did not just waka pass during his time on earth, he impacted the world with his words and Life.
I am blessed with a lot of friends who have impacted my life over the years. Don't want to cause a riot by mentioning names but you guys are simply best. Don't mourn the relationships that are no longer meaningful in your life they were simply drafts through the window panes. I call them WAKA PASS PEOPLE. They never really mattered.

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