Monday, 15 September 2014

Shut the on Door on Anger by SHARON GLASGOW

Editor's Note: The first thing that struck me during my first ever visit abroad was the absence of huge metals guarding windows or doors of the houses.  Burglary proof doors and windows are regular features of almost every home in Nigeria given the prevalence of armed robbers and robbery attacks. When I was younger, I thought the metals were for aesthetics purposes but how quickly that veil of innocence was torn. An open door or unguarded door was an open invitation for these nefarious night prowlers so home owners took these devices seriously.
So the richer the home owner, the higher the fences and metal guards on every window and door. As Christians, the bible enjoins us  to guard a more precious gift- OUR HEARTS, for out of it proceeds the issues of life. I found this devotion written by Sharon Glasgow of the Proverbs 31 ministries and had to share. Be blessed and kindly subscribe too.Click here to read more. Enjoy!

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