Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A mother's Devotion.

I read a heart breaking story about a young mother who used her dying breath to save her six month old baby. Jessica Arrendale sheltered her baby in the toilet after being shot in the head by her boyfriend who later turned the gun on himself.
Knowing she was dying, this brave woman gave her daughter a fighting chance at survival.
 Everyday I hear amazing stories of how mothers brave the odds to provide for their children or give them life (bear with me guys, I'll write positively about you soon.
A dear friend who was in a coma for six weeks following a stroke told me how her mother practically sold her belongings to ensure she got the best medical care. She disregarded comfort and fasted almost everyday for a year seeking heaven's mercy for her child(David did same too..good man David..lol). Many women, too numerous to mention have sacrificed for their children even to the point of death.

 The central focus of this post is drawn from 2 Samuel 21. The Gibeonites had asked that seven of Saul's sons be given to them for atonement for the mass murder he carried out on them during his reign(Please read from verse 1-14). One of Saul's concubine could not stop the killing of her two boys but she did something that broke my heart -she protected their corpses from further violation at death. "the mother of two of two of the men, spread burlap on a rock and stayed there the entire harvest season. She prevented the scavenger birds from tearing at their bodies during the day and stopped wild animals from tearing at them at night" vrs 10. I don't know how long harvest season was but it must have been loooong. She may not have slept either because she was working day and night protecting her "babies".  She also displayed immense bravery and strength fighting off wild animals at night. 

Her children may be dead but I'm sure she felt they deserved some semblance of honour even in death. This lady must have been deemed a crazy woman by onlookers but she was beyond caring. Moreover, her act of love spurred David to do right with the "bones" of Saul and Jonathan.  I also applaud the wisdom of Moses mum and how she hid him for three months; defying the king's edict and not minding the consequences of her action if discovered. (Exodus 2). Ordinary women exhibiting outstanding strength and bravery in the face of adversity.
I've made some sacrifices for my son too. Nothing in the league of what most women have done but sacrifices nonetheless and would gladly repeat them. After reading the biblical accounts of these brave women, I miss my mum
Paulina(as I fondly called her) was not given to too many words but her kind gestures and beautiful smile spoke volumes. When things were rough back then, she gladly sold her favourite and expensive clothes so her children could have decent meals. Even in the wake of challenges, she preferred to suffer and endured the sharp edge of a vicious tongue than leave her children to weather the storm alone. Dearest Paulina, You never asked for castles just simple pleasures. Now your children can afford to buy you as many Shawarma as you can eat but you left too soon. Guess, heaven's got better tasting Shawarma than the crap we buy here.   Miss you pretty one. Miss you Paulina.
P.S I'm still not the world's best cook but I dey try. Joshua has not suffered from stomach cramps after eating my meals, maybe he hides his pain behind his cute smile. In fact, let me ask him right away..Lol

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  1. Evelyn Tanitoluwa Williams23 September 2014 at 16:17

    God bless my mother n may d soul of madam Paulina continue to rest in peace.