Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Connect Right! Connect Well.

Everyday I am amazed at the power and influence of social media. In fact the rate of technological advancement these days is astounding. When I think I've caught up with a particular model of a device, something else shows up on the horizon, so I have stopped playing "tag the donkey" with technology especially social media. There are just too many platforms out there. Phew!! I must confess, I have forged some great friendships via social media. My active foray into the world of social media in 2008 has brought me in contact with people that have contributed actively into my life. Some of them I've never even met!! A lot of these impacts may not even have been directly addressed to me but by mere reading these group of people's  status updates, I AM BLESSED and inspired to pursue my vision. The Laugh Out Loud Comedy night was a vision inspired by these people whose pictures I'll put up later. They were not aware of this program  like I said some of them I have never met but they indirectly contributed to its birth and success. I will not even waste space  to speak about the flip side of social media on this post, not on this Ironically even they "contributed" inadvertently to my growth. After all, God created Cosmos out of chaos and brings beauty from ashes. So thank you "FRENIMIES".
This brings me to the central truth of this post, God uses situations and will bring people your way that will help nourish your vision. In your journey to higher heights, you will encounter people that have been divinely positioned to help actualise your purpose-good or bad. Luke 1:26:56 tells us Mary's encounter with Angel Gabriel and how the birth of Jesus was foretold. After telling Mary about her role in the Messiah's Coming, the Angel mentioned Elizabeth whose pregnancy was connected to Mary's purpose. Immediately Mary got the message, she rushed to visit her cousin(no time to waste). The angel did not tell Mary to share her vision with just anybody, friend or foe but with someone who could understand spiritual matters-someone who carried a vision as well. Scripture records that the moment Elizabeth heard Mary's voice, the baby in her womb leaped-her vision was ignited. Even Mary couldn't help but burst into praise. DIVINE CONNECTIONS.
Omobolanle Olufemi Longe
In this season, you need the right people to ignite and birth your vision. May God grant you the insight to know and hold unto the relationships that matter. Also receive grace to let go of toxic people. What you carry is too precious to be terminated. CONNECT RIGHT! CONNECT WELL!! AND SEE YOUR VISION LEAP TO LIFE.
LOLA OGI  Chief Editor www.
Dr Temi Odejide, Snr Pastor House On the Rock London

Kelechi Anyalachi,Managing Consultants at LifeImprints.

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