Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Discipleship Takes Time

EDITOR'S NOTE: No serious farmer plants a seed and waits all night for the seed to sprout, that will be downright silly!! What farmers do is till the land, plant the seed and continually ensure the farm is well watered, de-weeded and adequately managed. They also know you cannot rush the growth process of a seed as it will adversely effect the expected fruit either in quality or quantity. Patience is the key and patience is a virtue that grows in time.  The rule of thumb in wine tasting states that the older the wine is the better the taste. Growth takes time and requires a process. Even human development is in phases-baby, teenager-adulthood etc. The Christian walk is no different. Few years ago, I attended a school of discipleship but realised being a disciple goes beyond the accumulation of knowledge or the acquisition of a certificate. It is a continuous journey that requires application of knowledge.. In order not to be half baked disciples, lets allow room for growth and this process takes time.
Enjoy this wonderful article written by Phillip Nation, publishing director for LifeWay Christian Resources. 

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