Tuesday, 16 September 2014

"Knowledge is power" An Ebola Survivor's story

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Ebola pandemic ravaging parts of Africa is cause for great concern even for the international community as a result of global travel. In countries like Liberia, thousands of lives have been lost without semblance of hope in sight. The trail of death is likened to the effect of biological warfare-devastating and horrific! In the midst of these trying news, it is with elation that news of someone surviving the horrors of these disease hits the news. I read with joy the story of Dr. Ada Igonoh one of the doctors that had contact with the late Patrick Sawyer(the first identified case of Ebola in Nigeria) and her survival story. Aside from the many reasons she highlighted, Dr.Igonoh narrated how she researched the Ebola disease even more after her diagnoses further enhancing her chances of survival. She did not depend solely on the doctors but helped herself by getting information on the disease. Information is liberating and knowledge is power. "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6.  
The story is told of a man in the 1900 who went on a cruse from England to America. He never ate on board the ship throughout the trip as he though the ticket only covered his travel but not the meals. The "poor" man brought his own food for the long journey. At the end of the trip, the Captain asked why they never saw him at meal times. The man explained his reason to the Captain. The Captain replied, "sir, the ticket included all the meals as well". I'm sure the man felt stupid  but it was no one's fault but his!! There is no bliss in ignorance.  Beyond what you learn in church, dust the cobwebs off your bible and study.
picture courtesy Miss Pitite Nigeria blogspot.

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