Monday, 22 September 2014

Lord, Unrush Me.

Editor's Note:It's interesting that I'm sharing this devotion written by Lysa Terkeurst. She is an amazing speaker and best selling author. Lysa writes on an issue that I was privileged to hear from another beautiful lady, Francina Norman.  The world is in such a hurry that it misses out on the most important things in life-people and moments. These days people and events are mixed up in a blur with no opportunity to truly appreciate what's happening at any given moment. When last did you stop to enjoy nature just for the pleasure of it and not because you got stranded on the roadside?
No wonder, life is sometimes described as a rat race with people scuttling about. My son loves nature and would most times stop to appreciate colourful flowers but of course I wasn't having none of that-no time to frolic in the grass!
I never had the patience to stop and allow him have his moment until an ordinary situation changed me. Josh and I were returning home from shopping when I saw a lady stand on the grass path while her little girl picked flowers. The woman did not rush the little girl but watched with a smile on her face while her "daughter" enjoyed herself. For the woman, it was about that moment of letting a little girl enjoy herself-nothing else mattered. No rush!! Reminds me of Jesus' encounter with the woman described in Mark 5:25-34. Jesus was on an important journey but was interrupted by a woman who had an issue. Jesus did not push her way but stood and listened to her story"oh boy, did she she have a story!. Vrs 33"then the woman knowing what had happened to her, came and fell at her feet and trembling with fear told him the whole truth".  Jesus did not rush her but listened! He did not let his other assignment stop him from hearing this lady's story-she was just as important.  .
Oh that we might be UNRUSHED. Enjoy Lysa's devotion.Follow this link to read more

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