Saturday, 15 December 2012

Humpty Dumpty had A GREAT FALL

I grimaced as a sharp pain shot through my elbows. I tried desperately to stem my fall with my hands as I tumbled down the stairs. For a split second, I thought my head would hit the bottom last stairs before I plunged into darkness. Thank God, I caught myself just in the nick of time. Gently, I lifted my bruised body and sat down. I hurt all over and my hands felt as if it had been mauled by a mountain bear. “Nothing broken, thank goodness! I exclaimed in the pitch dark. I’d woken up to the sound of my alarm but realised it was not at its usual place at my bedside. Rather the annoying sound was coming from my phone which I’d forgotten downstairs. Sleepily, I FELT for the stairs. Stupidly, I didn’t switch on the light as I didn’t want to wake Joshua. He was deeply asleep and I didn’t want him to wake up that early because it was a Saturday. Next thing I know, this lil missy was rolling down the stairs. Not switching on the light at the time seemed like a very good idea. I have lived in my house for the past four years and was VERY familiar with its every nook and cranny. Manoeuvring a couple of stairs in the dark should be a piece of cake- It was anyway till I found myself at the bottom of the stairs with more than a bruised ego.
What was I thinking? What if I’d been seriously hurt or God forbid broken my neck? Poor Josh would have woken up to see his mum hurting downstairs. The little darling would have assumed I was playing and may have joined me on the floor not understanding that mummy was badly hurt and needed help. How would he even call for help when he couldn’t talk? Thankfully, the scenario did not play out like my overactive imagination. My morning adventure reminds me of the mishaps that we sometimes get ourselves into, consequences of unfortunate dilemmas’ that would have been easily avoided if we’d only taken necessary precautions. The necessary precaution in my escapade was to SWITCH ON THE LIGHT. I read a fellow blogger’s pain on peoples’ attitude towards sex especially unprotected sex. (You should check it out- Joie’s pain was further heightened being an HIV carrier herself. She knows the challenges and stigma associated with the illness and wonders why people would still deliberately jeopardise their lives for the pleasure of unprotected sex despite media campaigns and advocacies on the dangers of SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES AND NEED FOR PROTECTED SEX. Some people still express profound trust in their partners not to cheat on them or break their hearts but these things do happen. People change and trust gets broken (except in relationships where both partners fear God and abstain from premarital sex) The plus side of teaching in a youth ministry is that you have the opportunity to share some of your experiences with them-both the good and the bad sifted through the word of God. Ironically, most of them think they are in control and want to try everything…you know EXPERIMENT (blame that on youthful exuberance). But the truth is, most seemingly harmless fire do get out of control and can burn, maim and even kill. A young lady once boasted to me that she could control a romantic situation….Erm! You think? Even if you can, can you vouch for the other person? How many times have you heard or even spoken the word, “I thought I knew what I was doing” or even thought you knew the other person only to find yourself getting hurt”. I would have had a good laugh at the expense of anyone who would have dared to predict I’ll ever be a single mother. My baby's dad was the epitome of sweetness and love……how Ironic! I’ve learnt feelings cannot sustain a relationship because feelings change. Most divorced couples give INCOMPATIBILITY and IRRECONCILLIABLE DIFFERENCES as the major causes of marital breakups. One partner suddenly realising he or she did not really know the other. HOW SAD!!!.....but GOD IS CONSTANT. Mathew 24:35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away…..and that my friend is INFALLIBLE. God did not send HIS WORD to cramp our style rather to help us surmount challenges and navigate every life situation. You don’t have to fall flat on your face or get hurt before reaching out for help. Unlike Humpty if you’ve taken a rough tumble and had a great fall, HELP IS JUST A PRAYER AWAY AND GOD CAN PUT THE PIECES BACK TOGETHER AGAIN (pic curtesy

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