Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reaching beyond The pain

Have you ever been hurt or betrayed? It hurts doesn't it? well, I have been hurt so many times that I have lost count. Infact,I have stopped counting. My ability to hurt and feel pain only reflects my humanity.But I dont love being hurt or be the one that inflicts pain on others. I have a track record of avoiding confrontations or any situation that will bring a fellow human to despair or tears. So it hurts when others are inconsiderate and selfish maybe even self centered.
I hate to fight but that doesn't make me a sissy. I prefer calm, rational discussions but it seems if you dont fight people just walk over and trample on your feelings.
The hypocrisy of it all is when we profess we are christians. we talk the talk but dont walk the walk. Holding or keeping grudges has become a regular past-time maybe even a lifestyle. There is no longer any clear cut difference between belivers and unbelievers. we share the same pursuits, ideals and probably methods of winning. Woe betides whosoever unfortunately stands in our ways. Isn't that sad?
I hate to see people cry. A close pal of mine called me two nights ago and was crying.She had been betrayed by a close relative. Her tears broke my heart cos I could feel the pain in her voice. I felt like giving her a hug, take the pain way but she was thousands of miles away. I was not physically beside her but I helped solve the problem and that made me feel good.
I love helping people. I love making others feel good but there is hardly anyone to reach when I need a hug or just someone to talk with. It used to hurt when people are unappreciative of a kind gesture but it does not matter anymore.Despite this shortcoming in human nature, I still chose to be who I am-Mrs Clause. I am proud to be a daughter of Zion designed to show love and shower love.
I am not perfect but I am striving to be who God has called me out to be. I have learnt to reach beyond the valley of pain and forgive betrayals, hurts and disappointments. There is no comfort in pain or reward in vengance so why hold on to grief,depression or any negative emotion? Its a dark hole that offers no true peace.
In everything "Let go and Let God"
Its time to embrace peace and move on from the valley of despair though I learnt that lesson the hard way. If you are bitter and angry,check out your opponent he/she is probably having a ball( i bet it hurts real bad).Leave the business of revenge to God and reach beyond the pain. It will eventually feel good and that my friend is a promise!!!!

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