Thursday, 19 November 2009

Having A Good Attitude

It started out all wrong. Infact I woke up cranky cos I had a miserable night. An annoying phone call right in the middle of a wonderful dream set the ball rolling for a night of tossing and turning. The weather was against me as well, it had rained cats and dogs all through the night and someone somewhere was obviously having fun pouring bucketfull of water on the folks of Ireland. Infact the person must be reeling in laughter watching the frown on my face and the tumoil in my heart. I was really upset and hurt cos I had set great plans for the day.I had gone to bed with a sense of purpose and determination.
However, right in the middle of my morning chores it hit me gobsmack in the face. Why am I allowing the event of the night and the miserable weather set the tone for my day? Ofcourse its annoying that the plans I made the night before had been clogged but I can still make a lemon out of lemonade.
How do we react when things don't play out the way we plan or expect? Do we become grouchy and miserable, blaming the world including God for our miseries? I have learnt that a negative attitude doesn't help anyone especially You n I. It sends wrong signals to people around. You might even be labelled a Kill-joy and lose friends.
With this revelation, I began to confess the word of God to uplift my spirit. I told myself "the joy of the lord is my strength", "This is the day the lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it". Infact I sang myself out of the blue mood". If the dark cloud did not leave, I would have driven driven myelf into the pits of depression.
However, despite my blooming self encouragement, my day continued to spiral out of control but I didn't let go. I just couldn't allow myself to believe God is not in control of my day to day living.
A good attitude is a choice. You choose how you start and end your day just as you choose the people you allow into your life. I'm determined not to allow circumstances and people affect my choices. I choose to have a good attitude against all odds. I may not be where I'm suppose to be or have that dream job but I still believe a good attitude beats a lousy life.

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