Saturday, 14 November 2009

Happily Ever After

I love the idea of love especially romantic love stories. It reminds me of the innocent days of "First love,true love". Awwww, those were the days, when love was not tied to conditions. It did not matter if the dude had money,a car or the material benefits that people seek in relationships these days.
As a younger babe, I read lots of Mills & Boons. The idea of being swept off my feet by an immpossibly handsome rich guy with the happily ever-after endings were impossible to resist. The stories provided a much needed escape from reality. All round me was poverty. Families of more than six were crammed into a one bed "face-me-i-face- you" house. Having to share basic ammenities with eight other families was enough to drive any normal teenage into a fantasy world of luxury.
I had a somewhat priviledged upbringing but most of my childhood friends didnt. My family's rented 3-bed apartment was their hide-out and my mother's left over cookings,5 star cruisine. Most of the girls developed a fondness for Mills & Boons at this time. we always wondered who'll get the best catch(boyfriend)and have the happily ever after. We desired the material possessions but we felt true love was the key to a successful relationship. we wanted true love's magical kiss and poverty was a no no. My close friend Theresa would never read a book whose protagonist was a poor man.Her rationale was why use her money to buy or borrow a book that reflects reality-she craved fantasy.
The harsh truth as we later experienced was that life is actually "a bed of roses"- thorn-filled and the pretty princess always gets her fingers pricked. There are no seven little dwarfs watching out for Sleeping Beauty while she takes her wonder nap. Life is just no fairy tale!!!.it doesn't sting it bites!!!!!.I have learnt nothing absolutely prepares you for adulthood and relationships except the word of God.. "Experience based on the truth of God's words is trully the best teacher".
Despite our expectations some of my mates had a rough introduction to the game of love and were bitterly burnt -*Tina was raped by one of her mum's drunken customers,*Bella became James' punching bag while *Eka was Kelechi's Doormat. Hmmmmm!how did it all go wrong? you are never prepared enough, i guess! Nevertheless, despite my own experiences, i still hope for true love.Infact, i still believe in true love. Love untainted, selfless, strong, honest,truthful and honourable. I am determined to have my fairytale ending cos it is possible to have a "happily ever after"

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  1. I used to feel like that you mills and boons, dream of the tall rich dark greek billionaires but that is not life as we see it today but I still comfort myself knowing that there is a silver lining in every cloud! Oh, if I remember how I used to look forward to reading romance novels!!!!!