Sunday, 22 November 2009

Climate Change a Scary Reality

Its been raining ceaselessly in the last couple of days with severe flooding causing widespread damage nation wide. Galway,Cork and carlow are the wost hit with houses, farmlands and properties heavily submerged in water. The flooding has already claimed it first human victim in the united kingdom as a police officer was swept away by rising water while on duty.
Television and the dailies offer no solace from the cold outdoors as views of a world submerged underwater is being projected in a bid to shock nations to curb climate change. It brings to mind movies like "the day after tomorrow" and the realities of global warming and climate change.
Last night, I watched the devastation in Galway and people queing for water. some schools have been closed for health reasons.(how would you tell a 5year old kid not to flush the toilet because of water shortages?). I started to wonder how I would cope if Athy got flooded(God forbid!). Already the River Barrow has over-run its banks. A wise business owner across the road had sand bags in front of his office in preparation if it gets worse. I don't panic easy but if you are a physically challenged single mum with a three year old boy, you've got to be optimistic and not give room for pessimism. The inconvinience would be indescribable. On my way to kildare this morning, I had to drive carefully as I didnt want the old banger to betray me; a better part of the road was covered in water and driving conditions hazardous.
what lessons has the world learnt from the tragedies of hurricane Katrina, the tsunami and other disasters that have rocked the world in recent years.Its no longer news that a huge cause of climate change is man made."Emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane from heavy industry, transport and agriculture, are resulting in increased air and ocean temperatures, drought, melting ice and snow, rising sea levels, increased rainfall and flooding"(IRish Idependent 2009).
The benefits of Technology are immeasurable but so are its consequencies when abused. I belive the world has abused technological development. We have advanced so well that its better and cheaper to eat from cans than cook from scratch. It is posh to eat out than stay indoors and cook for the family. The home front is practically non-existent as everyone is chasing the proverbial greener pastures. where are we heading? we'd rather bury our heads in the internet(like moi) than interact with people giving rise to lonely frustrated people). Bear with me here, I'm not condemning technology and its uses but its abuse with reckless and careless living
We owe it to our children and generations to come to combat climate change. A little change in our life styles will make a difference.
According to recent weather forecast, if u'r are still disillusioned and dreaming of a white christmas, you have a veryyyyy looooong wait!!
photos courtesy Irish Independent Newspapers

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