Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wrong Turn

I was never an ardent fan of driving, infact driving scared me for many reasons. I am a survivor of a ghastly motor accident so getting behind the wheels of a car or even being a passenger while another person drives sends bile up my throat!! Moreover, the rules of driving in Ireland is light years ahead of what obtains in my darling home country of Nigeria. While in Nigeria, I drove for a year without knowing how to reverse. Thank God I never killed anyone or got killed I was forced to improve my driving in Ireland because of the strict driving rules, poor transportation network and I also live in the rural area; I therefore needed a car to get around. Over time, my driving has improved and I've grown to love the idea of being the female "Lewis Hamilton". I have a rule of thumb before venturing anywhere especially when it involves strange places-I ALWAYS CHECK THE MAP AND FAMILIARISE MYSELF WITH THE ROUTES. The idea of getting lost scares me shitless moreso since I watched a movie titled "Wrong Turn". In the movie, a wrong turn down an uncharted dirt road leads six young people into a night of pure terror in this horror story.The movie has got to be the gorriest I've ever watched! Sometimes people make wrong turns in life and need the help of the Holy spirit to recaliberate their direction. Even the most logical and ardent planner sometimes miss the mark too but they are never without hope. The most Unfortunate people in life are those that have made wrong turns, refuse to acknowledge they've lost their ways and are stuck in the consequences of their decisions. I recently made a wrong turn despite my best intentions. I am not ashammed to say I made a mistake. Most times admitting wrong is a sign of strength not weakness and a pathway to healing and restoration.The story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 is about a son who lost his ways but later found himself crawling back to his father.To his dismay, he was met with open arms and wrapped in forgiveness instead of condemnation. Have you made a wrong turn? its time to find your way again if possible back to the starting line. It doesn't matter how far down the trail you are. Its better to make a U-turn early than be stuck on a mindless or futile journey leading to nowhere. Recaliberating hurts but is a necessary process. It doesn't even matter what people will say.

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