Saturday, 31 May 2014

Life is an Adventure

Life is an adventure but many times we are crippled by the fear of being hurt or failure so much that we fail to launch out into the deep. A huge number of people are stuck at the river bank of life fretfully testing the waters with their feet and would rather watch others sail their boats far way into sea and also watch them haul nets full of fish back to shore. In failing to follow their dreams, many people are living a life full of regrets and unfilled dreams. I believe it is better to try and fail at something than not try at all. It is in launching into the deep that you have great adventures and stories to regale others with. Get off the side lines and launch out today. The people who made history dared to grab life by the balls and change their circumstances. Imagine what would have happenned if Rosa Parks had not stood up against racism that fateful day in 1955? She was an ordinary girl who was tired of the discriminatory rules against blacks in America and did something about it. It wasn't an easy decision but one that had to be done. Rosa Parks is now known as a national hero who stood against racism and fought for freedom. Join the adventure train and make your own story. Don't just listen or watch others have all the fun. I have made a promise to myself as we enter the second half of the year never to miss out on any opportunity that crosses my path again; I've missed too many chances in the past and its not a pleasant feeling. I'd rather try something and If I mess up, I've only just learnt one way not to do it again. How would you know your strengths if you don't try? How would you know the path that leads to life if you don't venture out. I have a friend who loves adventures! many of the adrenaline pumping experiences I've had in life were at the nudgings of my dearest friend Tola Fowora. Tola is like a sponge, eager to soak up knowledge and experiences. Most times, she plunges head first into an adventure without thinking but always comes out laughing with a tale to regale her friends with. I remember my first mountain climbing experience back in the university. Of course it was at Tola's prompting. It was a spur of the moment decision and we were not even properly attired for the exercise. I remember getting midway to the top of the mountain and my foot slipped. I saw my life literally flash past and wondered if I'll ever make it down or ever get to kiss a guy before I died...yeah, at that point in my life kissing a guy was part of my bucket list!! I still wonder how we never broke our necks that day!! But the experience was worth it!! The adventures and stories we create don't have to be tied to the past. With the help of Jesus, you can rewrite your story. You can write a beautiful and motivating story for others to read, learn and be inspired by. Whatever, challenge we face in life can be woven into a captivating tale. Remember life is short, make every moment count What challenge lies before you? lets turn it into an adventurous story. I'm sure it'll make a worthy read. Mine is getting more interesting by the day.

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