Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hot Chocolate for cold morning.

Don't we all love a hot mug of chocolate on a cold winter's night? The warmth of a hot mug between your hands and sweet aroma of hot chocolate gently soothing the senses to sleep-PLEASURE. Don't worry we are still talking chocolate..lol. I have read cocoa has immense health benefits, no wonder a hot cup of cocoa drink on a cold winter's night does wonders for the senses. Cocoa is good for the night but you also need strength to face the rigours of a busy day So I'm starting this segment titled "#Hotchokolateforcoldmornings". It will be a collection of inspiring quotes to spur you through the day especially those seemingly dreary days that makes getting out of bed more of a chore than pleasure. It'll be one quote per day don't want you hooked on sugar..lol. So lets get this party started. #excitedallready

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