Thursday, 29 May 2014

Surviving "Gary" moments #Hotchocolateforcoldmornings

Many times the past could look appealing especially when the present is less than attractive. Most people find themselves craving for lost opportunities, relationships and experiences as a way to make up for today's failings. Why do you think Hollywood has refused to grow old? Many men and women would gladly undergo painful cosmetic procedures as a desperate measure to hold on to their youthfulness and perceived positions in society. Unfortunately, It is called "the past" for a reason. It is a representation of what is behind while the future looks ahead-a sea of new frontiers waiting to be explored. Most experiences that are in the past belong there for a purpose. It is so you can look forward and press into the future. While the past can not be totally ignored, it is only relevant as a stepping stone into the future. Ironically, when most people look into the past it is unfortunately with rose tinted glasses;an abusive past relationship suddenly becomes appealing because "Mr husband is falling short in his responsibility-GET A GRIP AND GET REAL. In the movie "The World's End" an alcoholic Gary King (Simon Pegg) is a middle aged man who makes a sojourn back to the past to relive an experience that ended up in epic disastrous proportions. His present situation was unappealing and that singular unfinished business in his past kept him captive and crippled in the present. While he was stuck in that moment 20 years ago, his friends had moved on and built a life for themselves but Gary relived their mad adventures differently and described it as the best moment of his life. I've had "Gary" moments too,occasions when I've craved relationships or things from the past that ended up with disastrous consequences. The secret is knowing when a door is well and truly shut and finding grace to move on. Good byes are hard to say but have to be said. When God closes a door behind you,it is for a purpose. However because of man's limited vision, he struggles to pull the door back open because of a crippling fear of the unknown and familiarity with the past. "when I was" is a phrase I've had a lot among some friends lately. I respectfully acknowledge, you were the best footballer in your youth but its time to move on. memories are reference points and should not be dark clouds over the future. You won't know the joy of a new day until you dare to face it headlong. The future might look scary but its a box of surprise waiting to be explored but you'll never know until you dare to open it. Let go of the past, its time to move on.

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