Saturday, 19 January 2013


It was Friday prayer meeting and I was restless. I couldn't understand nor dislodge this sense of urgency in my spirit. I really wanted the service to be over so I could go home and get "fierce" in my private prayer closet. More than ever before, I had this pressing desire to burst (not pee but "birth pangs"). I didn't stay for the usual chit-chat after the meeting but made a quick dash for home. You would think that that'd I'd jump straight into my prayer closet as planned but I didn’t. Rather, I made a detour to my library and picked up this book written by my good friend and professional colleague OLUDARE MAYOWA titled MAKE THE CHANGE THAT COUNTS. I've known Mayowa for eleven years and he put me through the ropes when I was transferred to the business desk at my job. I was a total green horn at Stock issues and he introduced me to the best reporters at the capital market. MAKE THE CHANGE THAT COUNTS caught my attention and blew my mind. It is an intellectual discourse that can hold its own on any international bookstand. The issues are underpinned with Christian principle yet not overwhelmed with religious dogma. It is a practical guide for people that truly desire a mind-set and life style change. The book has a universal appeal as the issues addressed are directed at people in every sphere of life- christian and non christians,professionals, students, singles and married people who desire a change that will impact their lives and environment. You see human beings have a way of taking one another for granted probably because of presumed knowledge about the person. We lock people in a box and define them based on our knowledge of their past and experiences. This is not unlike how Jesus was treated when he went to Nazareth. The bible recorded that Jesus could not perform many miracles in his home town because of the people’s unbelief. “Is this not the carpenter, the Son of Mary, and brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And are not His sisters here with us?” So they were offended at Him.” Mark 6:3. After reading this book, I have a new found respect for my dear friend. My mind was opened to read a book written by someone close to me. I did not allow the prism of my knowledge and relationships with Mayowa prevent me from reading the book. This simple but deliberate step therefore unlocked the change that I so crave and write about. Change is possible even if the path is overrun with challenges. The outcome of your change is determined by how bad you desire the change, the principles that fuel your goals, the relationships you keep and your ability to be focused and not give up on your dream of a BETTER YOU. The themes in this book resonate with the experiences I’ve shared on this blog and offer more; acknowledge your past, learnt from it, forgive, heal and MOVE ON . It doesn’t matter how you got into the rut in the first place or who put you there. We’ve read so much about how Jacob cheated Esau off his birth right. My study shows that he set the spiritual challenges rolling himself by selling his birth right. He came back from work tired and hungry and exchanged his inheritance for food! Gen 25:24 clearly states that “Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew”. He ate and drank, and then got up and left”. Esau never considered the wider implication of that seemingly mindless action but later blamed Jacob-say what? Some of us are reeling from the consequences of seemingly harmless actions. If you over eat, you get fat; you have unprotected sex, you get pregnant; you dabble into crime, you get caught and go to jail. It’s as simple as that! However you can determine to break free from the chains of the past and be a brand new you. Esau did. After he lost his blessings to Esau, God said he will be beneath Jacob until he tires and BREAK FREE. "And it shall come to pass, when you become restless, that you shall break his yoke from your neck.” Gen 27:40.. The choice was his. Fast forward years later in Genesis 33, the lord had blessed him too. Until you become restless with the status -quo, YOU CANNOT MAKE THE CHANGE THAT COUNTS. In the journey to a better me, I’ve made some dietary and lifestyle changes. The result might not be visible yet but it will soon show. Dare to make that change today.

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