Saturday, 5 January 2013

Celebrate what?

It was *Nonye's* birthday and we were determined to paint the town red. Surprisingly, the five ladies crammed into the car were all single mums. As Nonye jokingly said "Ireland is a haven for single mums" and we all laughingly agreed but that is an issue for another day. I don't get to go out much often so was determined to milk this night for all it was worth(the venue for the night's escapade yet unknown as Nonye was keeping it as a closely guarded secret-her way of heightening the suspence and thrill of the day). As the car angled slowly to Drogheda I noticed a slight frown on the celebrant's face. "What is the matter", I asked through the din of the other ladies conversation and burst of sporadic laughter. "My dad called me today to wish me a happy birthday", she answered. "So", I said. "After the usual plesantries, he told me to go ahead and celebrate if there is anything worth celebrating. I find that statement kind of strange and upsetting" she continued with a glimmer of tears in her eyes. "hmmmm", I mused for a while. Nonye was a single mum and has lived abroad for 10 years without the requisite resident permit. Thirty years old, no husband in sight, unemployed and with tightened immigration policies, her situation looked dismal from any onlookers perspective. "your father meant no harm", I told her. "even the bible says "teach us to number our days,That we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12). " Its his way of telling you to review your life. so pucker up gal", I adviced and gently punched her in the sides.
As I celebrate my birthday, I reminisce on that night five years. Why do I celebrate? I'm a single mum with a disability, unemployed,etc.So what is there to celebrate? I came into Ireland years ago a broken, sad, lonely pregnant woman. All my life's dream and aspiration had crashed around me. A friend once said "it was a relationship that ended not my life" but for me that rejection tipped me over the edge. I'd been through a lot of abuse growing up, my fragile emotions had taken its fair share of bashing and couldn't take anymore. I forgot how to smile and couldnt find joy in my child. I even lost my sense of humour and forgot how to be sexy(a whole Don Mama G became a recluse, an unsexy one at that) The challenges of life became too much but I was too much of a coward to end it all or rather something deep within me knew my little boy needed his mummy and that thought kept me going. Waking up and going through the motion of living became the order of my life. I was no longer living but EXISTING until JESUS FOUND AND RESCUED ME.....AGAIN. Since then, its been a slow recovery process-leaning and trusting the lord every step of the a recovering alcoholic, there's no rushing the detox. I've got my self confidence back and I'm proud of how far I've come. I may not have the "usual trappings" neither do I lack basic necessities. Along the way, I've equipped myself with skills to make a difference to my generation so I am not lazy. The future is beautiful and no longer bleak-I SEE CLEARLY. I know my worth! The bible says I'm Priceless. So what do I celebrate? EVERYTHING! RENEWED HOPE AND A FUTURE ENGRAVED IN CHRIST. No man can take that from me. I wrote on my Facebook profile that I found my very first grey hair this morning but I wasn't bothered. I call it my WISDOM HAIR as I have officially joined THE EXTRAORDINARY LEAGUE OF WISE PEOPLE. I am so blessed by your good will greetings and love. DHL has never been this innaundated with parcels before(by faith) but keep it coming till Dec 31st 2013 i'll still be collecting gifts-real estate inclusive. Monetary gifts accepted Euros, pounds , dollars even naira(but in millions. explain to EFFCC that its a gift and not money laundering!!). With this level of love, guess its time to contest election both in Nigeria and Ireland. Love y'all