Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bin Em' fast!!

I don't know where the strength came from but  few days ago, I decided to de-clutter my wardrobe. I noticed I had lots of clothes but I'd not worn quite a number in years. According to fashion guru Gok Wan "if you've not worn them in ages, you are most likely never going to wear them"(or something in that order but you get my So our went that Next jeans that doesn't fit any more and that shirt bought years ago on the spur of the moment but doesn't fit any more either and  plenty others soon became a pile on my bedroom floor including the ones I've held unto for sentimental reasons!!.
However in typical Gladys manner, the pile has remained on the floor ever since neither tidily arranged nor bagged for disposal until this morning. In my quest to find something suitable to wear, I found myself drifting towards the pile of clothes on the floor. For some inexplicable reason an old top set apart for Charity became appealing. I quickly forgot why it was on the floor in the first place and wanted to wear it. Already the other day I'd worn a top from my "floor collection" and it had somehow found a way back into my wardrobe. I realised the rejected clothes were gradually becoming attractive because I'd not done anything about them and this got me thinking (thinking is hard work right?)
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 Anything or relationship in life that does not suit your present situation bin it fast. It does not matter how long you've had it. If its not functioning productively and helping you attain your highest heights-DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND BIN EM' FAST!! Don't just leave them hanging in a corner before you know it, they become attractive again! Remember you set them aside for a purpose. In a fit of loneliness a couple of months back, I reached out to an old boyfriend but thankfully caught myself before things got out of hand. I remembered he was an "old" boyfriend for a reason and I "jejely" severed that connection. I didn't need the emotional drama. In a more positive Gladys fashion" I reached out to the God of all Wisdom who helped permanently shut the door and delete every trace of that old life. Deleting might seem harsh but one's destiny is worth EVERYTHING. Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts are sorely advised to avoid situations and relationships that would drag them back into their old toxic lifestyles. Never assume you are strong enough to resist the pull of certain situations, avoid them all together.
I have cleared space in my wardrobe and dumped the unused clothes. I now only have functional clothes that I wear and easily access without hassle. No more unnecessary attachment or fillers. If it ain't useful, it ain't worth it. BIN EM' FAST.

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