Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Trusting God through Emotional Trials

Editor's Note: If  many of us would have our way, life will be a smooth journey  and not a roller coaster ride!  If you ask me, I could do without the bumps and sudden, unexpected turns on the road. In fact, I'd prefer if everything was predictable but that would be downright boring wouldn't it? Where would the adventures be? Unfortunately Life indeed is a roller coaster ride but our attitudes and emotions do not have to be a hell-of-a-ride. I have a friend who has the most amazing attitude even in the wake of challenges. Coral smiles at everything and in everything. You'd never know she was a victim of domestic abuse or had a child who was wheel-chair bound! Despite the turmoil in her personal life, my dear friend was the go-to person when other women had issues as she always had a shoulder for others to lean on. At first I thought the years of beating had knocked her brains out but NO!  P.S still waiting for an opportunity to prick her with a needle to see if she's human! But Coral is as human as the next person but she'd only learnt to trust God and SMILE in all situations. Her attitude is that of praise and gratitude in the midst of challenges. What about you? Kindly enjoy this amazing devotion by Joyce Meyer.

Growing into a mature Christian who follows the Holy Spirit is not something that happens overnight, it is a learning process that takes time. Little by little, one experience after another, God tries and tests our emotions giving us opportunities to grow. God allows us to grow through difficult situations that stir up our emotions. In this way, you and I are able to see for ourselves how emotionally unstable we can be and how desperately we need His help.
Jesus exemplified this for us. The night before He died for our sins. He was in great emotional turmoil. he didn't  want to die, but He moved past His emotions and prayed to God, "Not my will, but Yours be done". things certainly didn't get better immediately but in the end Jesus emerged victorious through the greatest trial possible.
You can make it through your emotional trials. Jesus wasn't led by His feelings and you don't have to either. When God lets things affect you emotionally, seize the moment and view it as a n opportunity to step into a place of absolute trust in God.

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