Monday, 14 July 2014

My name is Gladys, I'm a GARRIOLIC!

Its no longer breaking news that I love food as  my ample plus size is a testament to that fact. I love food in whatever form and from wherever; if its edible, I'll gobble. However what may look and feel like pleasure can also become a bondage. The transition most times are not instantaneous  rather subtle and unnoticed. They most times start out simple and easy to control, then like a flood it overwhelms.  My struggle with garri started eight years ago (Garri is a by product from cassava which is a staple food crop in Africa,Asia and South America)
 It was my incessant crave during pregnancy. Its dry, flaky and strong sour tasty was like heaven on my tongue. The Ijebu variety was my favourite

 I knew it was bad for my health because of its starch contents and I was pregnant and suffering badly from gestational diabetics but I didn't care. I was being closely monitored by the diabetic team and dieticians but I still found a way to smuggle garri into my diet. I was alone and pregnant and garri was my go to comfort food.  Like any addiction, garri was my solace, my cocaine!  I thought my unholy craving might disappear after the birth of my son but  it was not to be rather it became worse. My diet was incomplete without garri. no matter how sumptuous a meal was, I'd finish it off with garri. A spoonful of the flaky product was all I needed- no need to add water or sugar. I'd just flip it into my mouth and I'd be just fine. My friends were not safe from my crave either. Like an addict I'd seek out garri in their pantry but we would all have a good laugh about it. yeah, it became our joke but MY PRISON!!. You see whatever habit you have no control over is an addiction and most times bad for you. defines addiction as "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psycologically or physically habit forming" Man was created for dominion but for me garri had become my boss. Garri was bad for my me but I just couldn't seem to help myself. I became tired of  the constant trips to the kitchen at odd times and places. I needed help! All my self efforts to break this bondage was not working and it was now hurting my health again. Garri in itself is not bad but my uncontrollable desire was the problem so I decided to pray. You might wonder, pray over food again? Yes Pray! if it matters that much to me, surely it matters to God. "pile your troubles on God's shoulders-He'll carry your load, He'll help you out. He'll never let good people topple into ruin" psalm 55:22. God cares about the big and little things that trouble His children. He cares enough to send His son to die for me so my "little" addiction matters to Him too
Its three weeks since I started the journey with God to break my addiction to garri, 3 weeks since I last craved the tasty sour powder in my mouth. I still have garri in my pantry because it has several other uses but I no longer abuse its usage. Your addiction might be worry, fear, sex, porn, alcohol, drugs etc. Never mind how many years the unlawful claws of bad choices and habits have held you captive, Jesus came to set the captive free. All you need is ask and believe He can help. God wants His children to live life victoriously. "

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  1. Hiii, its been roughly 3years since you wrote this blog post and I want to know if you still crave garri. I currently cannot go a day without eating dry garri, ive prayed and what not but its difficult.