Monday, 20 January 2014

You are what you eat.

While flickering through the TV channels during one of my lazy moments, I came across an E entertainment programme that grabbed my attention. Despite my bored state of mind, the show immediately captured my roving mind. It was Celebrity Slim down:Losing the Weight. The show followed the success story of a couple of celebrities and how they lost their bulging bellies. Some were post baby bellies while others were the consequences of over indulgence in food. One striking feature they all had in common aside from their huge waistline was their determination to shed the excess weight. E presenter and comedian Ross Mathew's weight loss journey particularly struck me. He told the interviewer without mincing words that he became fat as a result of the poor food choices he made. He did not blame his condition on the trying circumstance around him at the time but took stock of his role in the situation. He acknowledged his role in his increased waistline. HE WAS FAT BECAUSE HE HAD POOR EATING HABITS. Do you know it is so easy to blame other people for our problems rather than admit that maybe we'd somehow contributed to the situation or even if its solely our fault? People tend to play the blame game and push the bulk of the offense on others. People, the first step to redemption is the admittance of sin!!! Adam is a typical example of how to play the game blame. In Genesis 3, he'd disobeyed God's command alongside his wife and instead of admitting his role and better still repenting, he downright blamed everyone else-he claimed to be an innocent bystander! There is a local proverb in Nigeria that says "the day a mad person admits to being insane then healing has truly begun". Admittedly, somethings happen in life that we definitely had no control over or contributed to but we have a choice on how we a react to these situations. My initial reaction in the wake of rejection was to indulge in my favourite past time-FOOD. I did this until I became clinically obese and diabetic. Now, I know better and would make healthier and better choices if faced with the same situation and I try to adopt this mindset in my daily routine. Whether you agree or not, you are who and where you are today because of the choices you made. The other day, I was almost overwhelmed by some challenges. My initial response was to throw a giant tantrum but instead took a deep breathe and reigned in my feelings and PRAYED THE BLUES AWAY.The challenges did not disappear immediately but my attitude in the midst of it all was positive and clearer. Truth is my transformation did not come over night but OVER TIME and a result of deliberate positive decisions and I'm a better person for it. Its time to get it right and NOW is the best time to start.

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