Monday, 27 January 2014

Go on Laugh Daily (GOLD)

. You think your life is tough? try being a bike seat for a day! I saw this interesting video on YouTube that followed a day in the life of a bike seat being saddled and ridden by different women. The poor seat was sat on,bounced on, probably farted on and totally harassed by all manner of ample female behinds! If bicycle seats could talk, what a tale they would regale. Sometimes we think we've received the rough end of the stick in life and others have got it easier. Well, yes! Some people seemingly have it easier but beneath it all like my baby sister would say "its all in the packaging". Its a matter of presentation and packaging. Everyone has got a story, some are just more visible and read more loudly than others. I read somewhere a while back that "you are either coming out of a storm or going through a storm". So what do you do in the midst of life's many challenges? Simply enjoy the moment by HAVING A GOOD ATTITUDE! A grumpy attitude does not make the situation less palatable but a joyful spirit makes the journey easier. "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds" James 1:2. The journey of life is not a walk in the park but an adventure(think Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom). Learn to laugh no matter what comes your way. Laughter is precious, endearing and cost nothing. Infact, its benefits are immense-YOU LIVE LONGER. laughter clubs are even becoming popular...yep! you heard me. I have a friend that probably has the most contagious laughter. She would laugh at the silliest and most mundane things! She found fun in life and that got her through a rough childhood-not to mention also got her into lots of trouble with the teachers . As a lady, I know what it means to flaunt my most valuable assets-that innate DESIRE for people to see those fabulous shoes, clothes, jewelries etc. It also called NOTICE ME. Your laughter can also draw attention and endear you to many. Its an INVALUABLE ASSET, WHY NOT FLAUNT IT-ITS GOLD. Stop hiding it behind a grumpy attitude. So like our dear old bike seat it doesn't matter the size of the rump that's bouncing on your leather(no pun intended) enjoy the ride! it will soon be over! This post is dedicated to my baby sister, YOU MAKE ME LAUGH THE MOST. LOVE YAAA!

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