Thursday, 23 January 2014

Its all in THE WORD

The day Baba quarrelled with the self acclaimed "olowo Adugbo"(neighbourhood richman) would forever be etched on my mind! not because they exchanged fisticuffs but for the wise words baba used to put this local bully in his place. You see, Olowo adugbo had been harassing the neighbourhood. He was a custom officer and privileged to own two houses on one street. His boisterous voice, semi military status and material possessions in an area mostly filled by low income earners made him a somewhat feared person. Olowo adugbo decided to seal his uncontested bully position by putting up a gate at both entrances to the street without consulting anybody and worsened the situation by keeping a tight reign on the keys. He alone determined what time the gates would be opened and what time it closed. Nobody could stand up to him but we all mumbled under our breath silently waiting for the day this neighbourhood terrorist would have his comeuppance. Well Baba as he was fondly called had had enough! Baba was not rich by the world's standard. He was an elderly man who lived in an uncompleted building with his family. Baba wasn't much to look at either but he had a healthy disposition towards life and was friendly with everyone hence the nickname "Baba" which means father. That fateful morning, Baba was waiting for "olowo adugbo" to open the gate and demanded without mincing words that either the gates were opened earlier or removed entirely. In the midst of the verbal exchange, Baba silenced his opponent with these deep truth " with all the money you have, you sleep in one room and I sleep in a room, that makes us equal". you could hear a pin drop in the silence that ensued. Without uttering another word, this once feared man dropped his braggado,handed the keys over and walked away. And so the era of intimidation ended. Like everyone else Baba had had enough but he took a bold step to end a situation that was downright unpleasant to him. This amiable man did not resort to fighting but a few choice words put the bully in his place and on a leash. Life would definitely be easier if we like Baba could put our enemies on a leash instead of mumbling and complaining. At the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) School of discipleship, we were taught three principles of victorious living. 1. Know yourself- baba knew his rights so could confront his opponent. 2. know your enemy-Olowo Adugbo despite his braggado was just a toothless bulldog. 3. Know the weapon of your warfare- the Word of God. you cant have too much of The Word. To put the devil in his place, all you need is the word of God and there you'll find revelation of who you are. After all, according to 1 peter 2: 9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light." In matthew 4:1-11, Jesus had an encounter with the devil in the wilderness. Our saviour exercised heavenly authority simply by speaking THE WORD and was not confused about His(jesus) identity My friendly neighbour did not have much but he knew himself and spoke the right word- this was enough to topple a local tyrant. If Baba can, SO CAN YOU. Its all in THE WORD

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