Thursday, 20 September 2012

Miracle in the mailbox .

Her heart pounded and she could feel the beady sweat running down her forehead as she heard the postman slip letters through the letter hole. "O lord", she prayed. "let it not be another bill". she'd been overwhelmed with bills this month and it seems they just keep pouring in. the gas bill, electricity, motor tax, insurance, school fees, on and on the list kept growing. The economic recession seems to be biting harder than it was 3 years ago. "what do I do lord", she panicked as she picked up the first envelop she could touch while straddling her little one on her hips. The little girl giggled as reached out and pulled her mother's luscious curls, mindless of the turmoil going on around her. "kids, how innocent and impervious they are to situations", the young mother mused. She walked back to into the kitchen while clutching the envelop in her hand. It was an official looking envelop with a government ensigna boldly printed on it. "O lord" she panicked too scared to open it. Could it the bank wanting to repossess her house because she'd been behind on her morgate repayment? "O God! no please" she pleaded as she opened the the envelop with trembling hands. she had been out of a job in six years and all her efforts to get back in the game had been futile. Nobody seems to want a single mother of three well into her late thirties1. sad, but that's how the world is she thought to herself. The absentee father of her children was not helping matters. He had not made any contribution for the children's upkeep in 4 years. "oh my God" she screamed crumpling the envelop in her hand, startling her little baby still straddled on her hips. "Oh my God", she repeated as she unfolded the letter again and her eyes ran through the already very crumpled letter soaked with tears. she was holding a miracle in her hands, an unexpected answer to a desperate heart cry. Three years ago, she had written a proposal to a government department highlighting ways that special needs education can be improved in public schools. As the years rolled by she felt her proposal had been dumped in the bin just like her other dreams had crumbled and died. In that dreaded sound of the postman dropping letters through her letter box had come a dream reawekened and renewed strength for the future. The future didnt look bleak anymore. Ironic it seems, doesn't it? that life's greatest miracles come from the most unsusual places, people and situations. My friend dreaded checking her post because of the recent onslaught of bad news that she'd received but her miracle came through the same mailbox. Imagine what would have happened if she'd chosen not to open her mail that day out of fear. I have learnt that obstacles are only stepping stones to promotion and opportunities are wrapped in the least atractive packaging.Isaiah 45:3 "And I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, who call you by your name, am the God of Israel". God, Himself will deliver life-transforming opportunities from unlikely situations . It is possible only if we believe! Like a lot of people, I have my share of challenges but I believe the solution is closer than i imagined all I have to do is enjoy the storm and the miracle is a post man away

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