Friday, 21 September 2012

God is Never Late.

Standing by the river bank waiting for the waters to part. I shuddered in the cold as the wind blew at my face. Awaiting my miracle.......any miracle! I looked up as dark clouds gathered and heaven splewed forth rain. Lightening rippled through the sky as I stood shivering at the riverbank. Tears streamed down my face but I barely felt the cold. In the blustering wind,I could hear the chariots coming.the riders urging the horses to run faster despite the darkness. They were fearsome with their cloaks flowing behind them. The picture was frightening. I hurdled deeper into my coat seeking the protection of my warm fleece coat. but it offered no solace. From the corner of my eyes I saw the shining silver metal of a soldier's lifted sword and my heart caught in my chest. My knees crumbled underneath me. Despite the rain, the sand was still warm. It was not meant to end this way. I was tired of running.There was no where else to go.No place to hide. I wept like a child waiting to be crushed under the heavy weight of a soldiers blow. Lord, I cried.Help me lord! I need you lord!It wasn't meant to be like this. The waters are supposed to part for me and the chariots are drawing closer. Looorrrrrdddd! I cried. With trembling feet I crawled closer to the water bank muttering silent prayers to Jehovah to hear my plea and deliver me from pharaoh's army.The tide was mounting and there seems to be no help in sight! Will I survive this time? I felt a tug in my spirit, a silent voice said "Look up child".The battering army was no more.Like a vapour they'd disappear. The wind had dropped to a gentle whisper and the tide had subsided. I saw the sun come out from behind the clouds and its gentle ray shining down on me. I was no longer cold but clothe in an indescribable warmth. I felt the laughter riplling from deep within me and a gentle sound escaped from my lips. The days spent enduring the raging storms and tormenting army were soon quickly forgotten as I girded my cloak and boldly walked towards the waters. That too had parted! In the middle of the sea a royal aisle was waiting, my very own red carpet. I was no longer afraid as the hand of God guided me on this next journey, trusting Him to keep the waters at bay while I skip, run and dance to the other side of the sea.

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