Wednesday, 7 January 2015

No excess baggage allowed

Its already day seven of the new month. How quickly time flies. It seemed just yesterday that we ushered in the new year. I read a rather sad story about a young lady who suddenly died a day  after celebrating the new year with much pomp like everybody else. She reportedly slumped and and died while jogging in the early hours of the morning
Late Nebo Olive

 Stories like this should bring us to our knees and be thankful for mercy and grace. "He does not treat us as our sin deserves or repay us according to our iniquities."Psalm 103:10"
How is it going with the action plan for the year? Travelling  is hot on my I love travelling a lot but was not able to do much of it in 2014 for many reasons. Even if I don't make enough international trips(which I plan to) I'll be exploring the historic and heritage centres in Ireland. The only problems I have is packing and unpacking. Today I'll be discussing PACKING.  I simply don't know what to pack and how much to take along. Most times I just end up logging unnecessary stuffs along. I HARDLY UNDER-PACK-excess is my

 Fortunately, I've never had to pay for excess luggage but the extra space taken by unwanted clothes affects holiday shopping space. Most of the clothes also end up unworn during the holidays. Why Pack em'?
Excess baggage refers to baggage in excess of the stipulate weight or unnecessary burden.
Every airline has baggage/ luggage restrictions in weight and contents for health and safety purposes which every passenger is mandated to obey. If its over the allocated weight and the passenger insists on taking the luggage along, he or she has to pay for the excess. However certain contents are not allowed on board. It does not matter your station or class, YOU MUST OBEY THE RULES as it applies to everyone (except its a private jet can't help you with that information yet..BE PATIENT).
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Certain emotions, attitudes and relationships stand as excess luggage in a person's life. When you are overwhelmed by situations, people or emotions, you may be carrying what can be labelled as UNNECESSARY BURDENS.  DROP EM'!

Bitterness, strife, anger, regrets, drunkenness, fornication, revelry, gossip e.t.c.  all fall under the unnecessary category. LEAVE THEM BEHIND. These are sinful and unproductive habits that only take up useful space in your life. They cause a person to stagnate and impedes fellowship with God and man. Remember if it is not enhancing you, its a burden. Like my belly fat, LET IT GO
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However there are certain attitudes that you absolutely need for the journey ahead.  Some of these don't come naturally and you can't have too much of them. These include forgiveness, kindness, joy, prosperity, abundance, favour, gentleness e.t.c. YOU CAN'T HAVE TOO MUCH OF THE FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. "against such things there is no law" Gal 5:23

I got upset with someone on Sunday and almost marred the whole day with a stinking attitude. Mid way driving home, I checked myself, prayed and gladly let the emotion go. I have learnt to check myself with these questions,
  •  would I want to be remembered with my present attitude, behaviour and actions? 
  • how does my present attitude profit me,others and the kingdom of God.
  • is it necessary?
  • Does it enhance my relationships with others?
  • what example am I setting?
  • if I reflect on the days activities, will I be proud of myself?
  • is their an alternative reaction to the situation that is not toxic?
Do not make room for unnecessary burdens in your life this year. If you insist, you'll pay for it just as you would excess baggage. If it's necessary let God do the heavy lifting for you "Cast your cares on the lord and He will sustain you" Psalm 55:22.
  • Plan for the journey-set goals.
  • take only what is relevant and necessary-dump unnecessary habits.
  • seek assistance/advice
  • Research read books
  • have a life style of prayer

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