Sunday, 4 January 2015

Chronicles of a good Samaritan

I was at an accident scene yesterday and thankfully nobody was seriously hurt in the single car collision. My friends and I were on the way to a meeting when we noticed the bashed up car at the side of the road so we got out to help although there were other people at the scene already.  We were running late for a meeting but it was just impossible to drive by without lending a helping hand. Not solely because the people gathered round the scene were making their way to the same meeting (I knew because of their attire); IT JUST SEEMED THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

 Mind you, none of us was a medical personnel or had any knowledge of first aid but it was a show of brotherly love. As my friend parked her vehicle some short distance away and we ran to the scene of the crash, I noticed several vehicles with people going to the same meeting zoom pass. while some had the good heart to stop and enquire if all was well, some simply stared and went their way. Like me they were late but it seemed more important to get to the meeting than stopping to help.
I was not going to make mention of the incident until I overheard someone say she'd seen the accident but didn't stop because other people were there already.
That statement tore at my heart. On one side of the argument, How many times do people overlook others in need simply because we assume others have taken charge? You are not others and your contribution counts. You have something to offer that others might not have and this has nothing to do solely with material assistance. It could be advice or even a shoulder to lean on. You are uniquely fashioned to be the answer to specific problems. At the accident scene, I made the driver's wife sit down as everybody's attention at the time was on her husband. She was not physically hurt but she was in shock and getting some attention helped ease her pain. It wasn't much help in the scale of things  but it was something. I CONTRIBUTED.

How many times have you been in too much of a hurry to help a brother in need; more concerned with your destination to be of use in the present? I was like that too until I purposed never to be so pre occupied with my future that I loose sight of the moment. Fours years ago a strange woman stopped me on my way to college and requested that I prayed for her. I hurriedly prayed for her because I was late for lectures but I somehow sensed the woman also desired to talk but I didn't "have" that time. I didn't make that time for her and was riddled with guilt for a long time. My lecture notes would always be there but that moment with the stranger would have counted more in eternity.
In Luke 10, the story is told of  a man who was badly beaten and left to die on the roadside. A priest and levite walked past the injured man but offered no assistance. However a Samaritan came by, helped him and gave all the assistance he could. He went the extra mile to show compassion. He went above and beyond what was expected. 
Jesus was a man of compassion who had time for people. He stopped for the woman with the issue of blood while on his way to Jarius daughter Luke 8:43-48. He also had time for lepers, sinners, children and everyone that crossed his part. HE HAD A HEART OF COMPASSION AND ALSO ACTED.

  • Its about time as a people we started showing love instead  of just talking love.
  • Its about time we stopped and helped instead of zooming away
  • its about time we unrushed ourselves from the busyness of life and take a moment to live
  • its about time we translated compassion into action.
  • its about time we took time to be our brothers keeper.
  • its about time we acted
  • stop staring and lend a hand.
Life will be worth living if we all could be walking, talking good Samaritans.

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