Monday, 19 November 2012

I stand STRONG.

"Enough already!", she thought to herself as she smiled into the face of her dinner date. "can't you just see that I am not interested in all your gibberish in as much as its interesting?....but its interesting to you alone", she mused to herself while nodding to everything he said. "are you listening at all?", he asked. "you've been nodding your head all evening but your eyes seem faraway". he stretched his hands across the table and held her hand, gently caressing her palm with his thumbs. A slight shiver ran up her spine and her lips went dry. Its been so long that she'd been held by a man and she loved that sweet tingling feeling caused by his thumbs as they went back and forth over her hand. She burst out laughing, shaking her head as if to physically clear the fuzzy feeling slowly enveloping her. "I'm sorry", she said to the rather stunned gentleman in front of her. "I love your drive and ambition but its simply not me", she continued. "as laudible as your ideas are they don't align with MY vision of the future and I'm not going to buy into it because you're handsome and I'm attracted to you. Its your idea, your convictions not mine. As much as I believe in you, I believe in myself and know what I want". He looked into her face like she was demented while she grabbed her purse and sauntered out of the restaurant. The men stared at the beautiful lady sashaying out of the diner with her luscious hair but most importantly wondering about the reason for that cat-got-the-mouse look on her face. "taxi", she called as she stepped out. A red cab came into a screaching halt in front of her. "queeneth drive" she told the driver as she slithered into the back seat and the cab drove off. The gentle crooning of Ron Kenoly was wafting through the car speakers. she closed her eyes as she allowed his soothing voice to wash over her. her mind drifted over the events of the past few months. it seems everyman that she'd come across lately want her for one reason or the other. they all seem to know whats good for her, what her future should be like. Only lastnight, her mother had asked her for the zillionth time when she'll settle down, that all her friends were married! phew! Nobody seems to understand that she knew what she wanted..."A MAN THAT LOVED GOD". That idea seems crazy these days but she had this unwavering conviction that she'll meet that man soon enough no matter how long it will take, she'd stake her convictions on God. Her dinner date had been pressing her on a business partnership since she met him. "lordy", she thought loud. He couldnt seem to understand that she was not interested in his proposals. She just had this nagging conviction that she was a means to an end for him......his passport to greener pastures in Europe. "Rubbish", she thought outloud again causing the cab driver to glance at her through the rearview mirror. "everything alright missy", he asked. "i'm fine just thinking out loud", she answered. she glanced out the window watching the city lights come alive. People had used her in the past especially men! Before she found jesus, she'd fallen for every man that that had shown her any semblance of love but now she knew better. the maxim "if you dont stand for SOMETHING, you'd fall for ANYTHING" readily came to mind. With Christ she'd found strength to say NO to sin and its alure. she was no longer that weak girl that could be easily swayed by any sexy smile but a strong confident woman who knew what she wanted and would gladly stand by it. The cab pulled in front of a luxury 3 story apartment building. " we are here missy", the driver called out. "I change my mind", she answered. "take me to the nearest chip and fish shop, I feel like having kebab". she had this desire to celebrate and celebrate she would as the driver pulled away to the sound of Ron Kenoly's dilectable voice. Standing for one's convictions is never easy ask Daniel in the bible but it is sure WORTH it. Several times challenged and tempted but chosing to always trust God to make a way of escape and daring to go all the way even if God choses otherwise. "I am not Daniel" you may say but that same grace is available to stand us out from the crowd. If God has said it, He will surely bring it to pass isaiah 55:11 "so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it". Its time to dare to hold on to the convictions and truth of God's word. Its the solid rock on which a man can stand and not be blown by the tides of the world- a bankabable "spiritual tender". Yep! the storm will rage and tempest will roll especially from family and friends if the matter borders on marriage and the fact that you're no longer sixteen? And all other matters at that! I always say if I've bothered to wait this long, then I'll follow the lord the whole nine yards and more! Remember,"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint". Isaiah 40:31. On this matter I STAND STRONG

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