Monday, 11 June 2012

What not to wear on a first date.

Seriously, what was I thinking? The brown fitted satin shirt that looked glam on the hanger and always looked good with my dark skinny jeans has finally betrayed me!!!. Mama Mia! If i was a white girl I'm sure everyone in the restaurant would have noticed the crimson colour that was gradually creeping up my neck. Infact, the heat emmiting from my face should have set the whole place on fire. But being ME that I know very well, I held on tightly to my brave facade as the first three buttons on my shirt popped open while I sipped a cup of tea in the middle of an idle conversation with my date. The poor guy immediately lost his chain of thought, babbled for a minute, regained his composure and turned his eyes to the horse race on television but his gaze kept drifting back to my chest as I struggled with difficulty to sort my blouse while trying not to show how embarrassed I was. PHEWWW! PRESS REWIND to earlier that day. It was my first date in ages and ofcourse I was excited. Like a school girl i russled through my wardrobe searching for the perfect outfit that will say "SNAZZY"..LOL. I didnt want to come out as sexy neither did I want to be matronly on this historic, momentous occassion. After,making a muddle on the floor my desperately searching fingers pulled out the next available thing it could find. In my befuddled mind, it was the right choice. Brown is my favourite colour and all I had to do was struggle into a pair of skinny jeans and bring on Alas! I had forgotten that this snazzy looking number had failed me before and that is why it was relegated to the back of the wardrobe. There was no denying that its in my favourite colour and I loved the satin feel on my body but the truth is that I had grown too big for it. My reluctance to give it up has now cost me ummmm "my dignity". While writing this post I realised that this simple mistake underlies some relationship decisions that eventually end up hurting people. A person that has hurt you before and got the boot out of your life got the boot for a reason but for most people letting go is difficult. so we kind of push "these people" to the back of the wardrobe and they become our go-to people in times of stress, emptiness or simply when one is emotionally depleted. Why else would a girl call an old boyfriend for comfort knowing fully well he is married and out of reach. Ofcourse, the result is a disaster waiting to happen. If it doesnt fit then send it to where it will be gladly appreciated and welcomed. Despite my mini fashion disaster, my date was a success. My date would definitely have someting to remember me by. GOOD FOR HIM, LUCKY MAN! Lesson learnt! On my next date it has to be comfortable, beautiful, decent and sensible. SNAZZY is good also but no more peek-a-boo.LOL

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