Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Oyinbo love.

I've wanted to date even marry a white man moreso in the last three years. My desire probably stems from the obvious arguably non existent responsible Nigerian men in my "horizon" or nothing-to-write-home-about number of Nigerian marriages that live a sour taste in my mouth. Marriages that are absolutely not worth desiring. Back home in Nigeria atleast within my limited experience, there were loads of relationships that would make any young lady aspire to be married but what I've seen in Europe baffles my imagination. Maybe its the cold weather like I sometimes tell myself that has frozen the better part of the brains of the men and the women are not exempt from this travesty of what in its original purpose is heaven ordained and approved. A good percentage of couples no longer honor their marital vows(nothing new there) nor show respect for each other either in public or private. No respect whatsoever. Some say it is man's innate nature to be promiscous but i say that's absolute bull$%*#t. A man or woman that fears God will honour his/her marriage vows but there we have it THERE IS NO MORE FEAR OF GOD! Don't get me wrong, the white man is not any better but there are somethings that I've noticed in my oyinbo love that has further heightened my desires to marry a white guy(not necessarily him....I no fit shout biko). he is romantic and has not hidden his intentions from the very first day we met. That's oyinbo for you....most of them say it as they see pretense or guile.(however mushy feelings and ideals are not enough to sustain any relationship.The bible CLEARLY states that can two walk together, except they be AGREED" Amos 3:3. Believe me WE ARE POLES APART ON THE ISSUE OF GODLY RELATIONSHIP). I remember on the way back from our first date, he asked me to drive to the top of a hill so he could point out some interesting landmarks to me. Ofcourse I refused. You may wonder why as he did. My darling, for the simple fact that I dont know him well enough to drive to the top of a hill with and dont want to get tossed to the buttom incase he suddenly gets ungentlemanly(I'm too beautiful to be mangled..lool. guess I've watched too many horror flicks). Trust me, I told him my mind and I'm sure he has never met anyone crazier than moi(i take that as a compliment sha). My only fear with regards to my love interest is that it is not easy to know who is loko amongst them. In Africa,a madman is identified by his lack of clothes but not here, NO SIR! He wants the romantic breaks and weekend away but I would never deliberately put myself in a position where my Christian ideals and beliefs would be jeopardised no matter how much I crave such opportunities. "dont do the crime if you dont want the time".Moreover,I respect my body too much to display before every and any man. I sincerely think it is impossible for him not to make an attempt at my "delectable self" even if i'm confident in my will power not to indulge in any sexual activity. My oyinbo is not rude or disrespectful and he is quick to apologise and admit when he is wrong.Already, he has told me how much he earns and his potential earning ability but this particular oyinbo is not for me though a lady I told about him thinks i'm obviously stupid for not milking him even if it wont work out between us. However, I fear God too much to take advantage of a fellow human being even if the extra cash would be appreciated very much so. I trust God for my life supply and he has never failed. I may not have flowing over but MY JAR OF OIL HAS NEVER RUN DRY....NEVER! NOT FOR A MOMENT! Aside from the obvious cultural differences, I'm still determined to have me an oyinbo love afterall i'm learning to eat their food. It doesn't compare with pounded yam and egusi but e no dey kill person.

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