Monday, 6 February 2017

Start your day right.

Thank God Its Monday! Remember every day is a good day to be happy irrespective of what day is or what it holds.

Like I always say "If God bring you to it, He will see you through it" so its imperative to start the day right.

 Now tell me how do you start your day? with technology at our finger tips, it is ever so easy to gravitate towards social media first thing when we wake up. Sometimes in the guise of doing a quick bible study on a mobile device, one might be tempted to "sneak a peak" at the various social media platforms subscriptions.

You very well know that familiar pull of catching up with the latest goss! ...and many times that's how "the cookie crumbles".-good intentions becomes subsumed in social engagement and quality prayer time becomes lost in the hustle of the day. Yet, we wonder why we get frazzled before the day its over!

In other to get it right, there is absolute need to do it right. The right start prepares us spiritually, emotionally and psychologically for the whatever the day might bring. In order to beat the Monday blues, you need to immerse yourself in the life giving Word of God and bask in God's presence without any distraction.

In the Word we have peace in the face of chaos that is constantly bashing our senses from the news. Sometimes it feels like no good news is news anymore and that itself is disheartening. In the Word, we are fortified with the knowledge that God's presence is guaranteed as we go about the business of the day whatever that is to you. let the Word of God give you the necessary kick for the day. Moreover, God wants to hear your waking thoughts, He is also interested in your anxious and wandering thoughts. Psalm 5: 3 "In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; In the morning I lay my requests before you"  He wants you to carry His fragrance all through the days and that comes in the place of prayer.

I will leave you with these words I read a while back which since guides my morning chat with God, "Don't start with the blogs, START WITH THE WORD!.

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