Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Dont stop, CONTINUE

Happy new month! Cant believe its the second month of 2017 already.

It seems just like yesterday when we heralded the new year with so much pomp! Time is moving and so should we as its so easy to get stuck.

For some, the new year goals never got off the ground while pen never got to paper with others and there is a third group who got stuck midway or are challenged in fully executing set goals. It does not matter which category you find yourself  DONT GIVE UP. A new day has been gifted to you to  continue where you left off even if it means simply starting again.
The word continue means to persist in an activity or resume after interruption. It implies the following
  • Persistence
  • Diligence
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Strength
  • Motivation
  • Dedication
  • Focus
It is so easy to give up when things don't work out but it is also wise to know what is worth pursuing. The bible is a beautiful story of God's relentless pursuit of man. Despite man's nature to wander and disregard God's affection, HE NEVER GAVE UP and you cant either because we are made in God's image "And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness" Genesis 1:26

A person's ability to continues at a task reflects the worth of the task or object irrespective of the surrounding environment or circumstance and in our case WHOS WE ARE. So how determined are you? February in my part of the world is wet and windy but die hard fitness people still brave the weather in other to achieve their goals. All it takes is few adjustment here and there. So the end is always worth it even if its experiencing the simple feeling of accomplishment but its always more than that.

Your present situation might be like an obstacle course but I encourage you to give it one more try with possible adjustment here and there.

So before you give  up on that set assignment here are points to consider
  • Reflect on the reason why you started
  • The worth of the project
  • Does it (goal) really matter
  • the expected end results
  • winners don't quit and quitters don't win (which cap fits?)
You don't have to go it alone. Find a friend who can walk the journey with you or even seek professional help. It might cost you but it will be worth every dime invested. Above all pray and the Holy Spirit will see you through. Remember winners don't quit and Giving up is not an option!

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