Friday, 10 February 2017

LOL donates to Charity

This week has been amazing!! Despite being hectic, it has been absolutely fulfilling. Finally LOL, an annual  charity event that I host made good its promise to make monetary donation to Samaritans.

Samaritans is  a non profit organisation which provides support to persons affected by Suicide and I was deeply honoured to make a contribution in my "little way" but borrowing the tag line of one of the biggest super market lines in Europe "EVERY LITTLE HELPS.

Words can not truly express how I felt that Tuesday as I shared with the representatives of the charity group on the vision behind LOL and why I chose Samaritans as one of the beneficiaries of my fund raising

Trust me I gladly shared.

LOL (Laugh Out Loud) is an annual comedy event I organise to promote positive mental well being through entertainment. It was borne in 2014 out of several reasons but chiefly in obedience to God. The 3rd edition of the event aptly titled "LOL 3"was to commemorate 3 years of impact as well as raise funds for Samaritans and St.Laserians school for special needs children. At the second edition in 2015, all monies raised chiefly from ticket sales all went to the school to support their great work with "special children" despite cut backs in government spending. I know this for sure because my son  attends the school so I thought whichever way I could help I WILL.

So since inception LOL has been driven by charity  and the favour of God with help coming from friends and well wishers who believe in the vision with me. At the last LOL, I  went from store to store, spoke with strangers and practically begged to achieve my vision no matter the weather with my young son in tow but I didn't mind. I finally found use for all the plenty certificates that I've gathered over the fact I'm the real LOL!

On a serious note, it had nothing to do with skills just PASSION; a heart to help those who are "going through" and GRACE of God.  I am simply a vessel  glad to be in the lord's service.

As I shared my story and vision with the women in that cosy reception area' what I saw in their eyes words still fail me to express.
I left that building with a bounce to my step and awe at what God can do with a life broken and yielded to him-warts and all (in my case seven fingers and a colourful past)

LOL is a vision inspired by God to restore joy and laughter into the lives of His children who have been robbed because that is what any form of mental health challenge does IT ROBS. LOL is still a small part of the greater picture and I am grateful that God is the Master Artist.
Next stop is St. Laserians. I heard they've got something great planned.

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