Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My pancake disaster

Its Pancake Tuesday and I'm so excited. Actually anything that has to do with food excites me how much more a day that CELEBRATES FOOD! Pancake tuesday heralds the begining of lent, a prelude to Easter. In the christian calender,Lent is a time of abstinence. So Pancake tuesday traditionally celebrated in the Uk and Ireland is the last chance to indulge oneself...What better way to indulge than to swaddle one's stomach with suger ladden food! To mark this memorable day, I chose to make pancakes myself instead of buying ready made ones. But the problem was, I've never made pancakes before. I'm best at eating than cooking or anything else for that matter. Fortunately for me, I'm blessed with friends who are fantastic cooks and delight in cooking for me so I barely slave it out in the kitchen( don't be jealous, its the annointing I carry...lol). Maybe its the ecstatic look on my face when I eat, the way I savour food on my lips that make people enjoy seeing me eat and out do themselves in sending mouth watering delicasies my way..haaaaaa! So off to Youtube I went to learn the art of pancake making. The recipe and 5 minuute process seemed simple enough. However 30 minutes later, my efforts in the kitchen was a classic disaster! A non-stick frypan got burnt, the kitchen became smoke fiiled and I had to open the windows. Graagh! how can a simple task of making pancakes be so hard.
I did make Nkwobi on friday and it was delish! Finally, I came up with something that tasted and looked like pancakes though it took me 5 painful and very shameful attempts to arrive at the final results.
I duff my hat in respect to every good cook out there, I'll never complain about other people's cooking AGAIN. If Pancakes be the food for love, I'll be single for a very very very long time..lol.


  1. I have been making pancakes(perfectly) since 1994 and never had any problems - until today! OMG! I have no idea what happened. 2 Different frying pans, home made mix and also shake 'n' bake mix. I just ended up with a fried mess in the pan. Still, it tasted ok with maple syrup :)

    1. lol....that means I have hope Darcy since i only just started learning. hope to get the recipe right next time.