Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A New Beginning Everyday

He noticed some people snigger as he climbed up the alter to share his testimony....but he didn't blame them. He would have sniggered himself if he were in their shoes. How many times had he come to this same place to say he was done with alcohol only to find himself right back where he started. Everyone knew his struggle with alcohol abuse. How many times had his marriage been on the verge of collapse because of his countless drunken stupor. But today he was really tired. Alcohol was rubbing him off the chance of living a good life with a happy home. He knew better than everyone else how many times he'd been in that position of brokenness but he'd rather be here than anywhere else. Finally, He'd recognise that he couldn't get rid of his destructive habit on his own. He needed a superior power to break this vicious circle lest he finds himself right where he most dreaded. Finally, he'd found it in the holy spirit and a support network of true friends who don't judge him by his mistakes but were in his life to help him....that's why he didn't mind the sniggers because this time it was different. He was truly having a fresh start. For many years I was in that very same position. It seemed shame and failure had a stronghold on me. I would complain and cry every day. I could not truly share my challenges for fear of being judged weak. My life was stuck in the past and I could not see beyond it. I was in a very dark place until I realised it was possible to have a new beginning. Imagine my delight when I realised the past could not hold me captive or prevent me from enjoying life. Mind you, it was an uphill task and several times I slipped and fell back into depression but I managed to find my feet yet again. It doesn't matter how far gone you are in a negative circumstances or destructive behaviour, you can have a new beginning and this offer is not seasonal but an everyday experience. You may find yourself repeating those mistakes despite your better intentions, I want you to know good intentions can't help much but faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit would break every sinful cycle in your life. HE IS STRONGER. God does not desire Sin to have dominion over us. YOU CAN OVERCOME. The joy of a new day is the light it offers no matter how dark the night was. Are you ready for that fresh start today? God's love is like fresh bread straight from a baker's oven simmering with healthy goodness and ready to serve(now I want to eat bread....Agege bread to be precise. it’s a special kind of bread made in Nigeria. You can’t duplicate it If it aint Agege bread then it’s not Agege bread!). If a new beginning was not possible, God would not have sent his son to die for us. Lamentations 3:22-23 "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness" So let's give that filthy feeling of failure a big kick in the butt and enjoy A NEW BEGINNING THAT WE DESERVE.

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