Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Spirit controlled weight loss

I first met her in church in 2008. I remembered telling her she had the finest complexion that I’d ever seen on any woman. Her skin was simply glowing. And when she smiled? Awwwwww....breath-taking! Onyi was simply wonderful but was FAT! 23 years old with two lovely kids and wears a UK size 24 dress. "Na wah" i said to myself. Onyi did not walk. She waddled! She had to practically drag her feet to carry the rest of her body. Mind you, her weight did not detract from her lovely personality. She was simply divine. Fast forward 4 years later. I had not seen my chubby friend in ages though we stayed in touch via occasional phone calls. Imagine my surprise when this strange lady touched my elbow and smile at me. "Who be this wey dey find my trouble? biko I no fit for question and answer" I mumbled under my breath. With that false smile, you know the type you save for awkward moments, I smiled back. "Mummy Josh" the strange lady called. I did a double take, squinted at the strange lady and screamed, ONYIIIII! The slim, elegant lady smiling at me was my once upon a time fat friend. "What happened to you? You look divine," I said. "I took the bull by the horn and lost the weight" she laughingly answered. "I was tired and ashamed of how I looked and decided to do something about it" she continued. Those final words got to me! She became "tired of how she looked and decided to do something about it". She did not procrastinate with her decision but surged ahead to achieve her aim. The result was the healthy, happy and beautiful lady standing before me. Meeting Onyi after these years gave me the much desired push I needed. I've been struggling with my weight for the past 6 years and it has seemed nigh impossible. I have this love-hate relationship with food. When I’m hungry I eat! When I’m sad I eat!. So it’s been an emotional and physical rollercoaster. The journey to wellness is not a day journey and it took my friend 3 years to get to her present weight goal. I'm sure she crossed some hurdles that at that point seemed insurmountable, but she survived. Onyi had a structure that was fuelled by PURPOSE, DISCIPLINE, PRAYER, FAITH, SELF- CONTROL AND A STRONG SUPPORT NETWORK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. She had a vision of whom and what she wanted and the picture stuck in her head. She pursued this vision with single mindedness. A biblical weight loss program? Oh yes! Mk 11: 24 "Therefore I say unto you, whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you shall have them". My friend realised that her desired weight loss and healthy lifestyle is the "whatever you desire" that the bible refers to in the book of Mark. Whenever she fell off the wagon, she never condemned herself but held on to scriptures; Proverbs 24:16 "though a righteous man falls down seven times he rises again". When she over-ate she relied on the Holy Spirit for strength and self-control. WOW!!! Talk about motivation! People, my eyes were opened like never before. God is interested in ME...the TOTAL WOMAN...not just some selected areas of my life. God is concerned about ALL OF YOU AND ME. It’s high time we started truly LIVING THE WORD not merely quoting scriptures or toting the bible like it was a fashion accessory! No journey in life is meant to be walked or experienced alone and what better companion than the HOLY SPIRIT. This truth that I have received and seen with my eyes has indeed set me free. Are you on a weight loss journey like me, stressed out and frustrated? Stop relying on your’s not sufficient and was never meant to be. Let’s trust the one who created for "He is able to bear and bear till old age He will.

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