Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Shelter in the rain.

What do you do when it seems all is bleak and heaven's gates are closed to your prayers? Cry and wonder when the sun would rise and shine again when all you see around you are dark clouds and impending storms? well,it seemed like that this morning for me. I was hurt and upset when a nagging issue that I've been praying and believing God for an answer to reared its ugly head again and almost marred my day.
I was called out from school by Josh's teacher that he'd hit a girl and bitten two teachers who tried to calm him. Whatever could have upset him i wondered? This is almost the 4Th time I've been called out to pick him up from creche and its a pattern I'm not taking lightly He is usually a cool,friendly and lovable boy except when he is upset. It is particularly distressing for him cos he is yet to utter any audible sound. This clearly frustrates him,angers and saddens me.His cute little way of stamping his feet in annoyance or defiance are no longer funny but painful to watch. As a mother I pray other kids wont take advantage of him or prey on his inability to express his needs or complain.
I've prayed all manner of prayers and made all kind of requests but the result is seemingly not forthcoming.
Daily living is stressful enough without the added pressure of worrying about one's child'development.Lord why? The tears streamed down my face but I gathered my errant thoughts together and asked the lord for strength. "Lord, I need you to turn this mess of mine into a message".
Having a head knowledge of God is not enough to fight life's constant battles but a revelation knowledge of the most High is the key. You might know scriptures and quote them at every given occasion but without faith and conviction,its all noise with a resounding echo.
God does not make mistakes neither does the Almighty forget.His thoughts towards us are thoughts of good and not of evil.I may not understand the greater good or see the bigger picture but I choose to trust His infinite wisdom and praise Him all the way. I refuse to be discouraged or be hopeless because I've got Jesus.It is impossible for me to be weighed down when I've got the burden bearer as my lord and personal saviour.Dear friends, the battle has been won and the devil is fighting a lost cause.
I've traded my pain,shame,fears, ambition, sickness,present, future for the joy of the lord and I'm not taking them back.
Josh is wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God so I've got no worries there. No matter the reports of the doctors or view point of any man or woman,I've chosen to believe the report of the lord.What about you? The bible says "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. however, you cant know the truth if you don't have a personal encounter with Jesus cos "He is the way,the truth and the life".
Despite the clapping thunder,the storms and tempest of life raging against me, i choose to keep my eyes stilled on Jesus for He gives shelter in the rain. Even as David said "the lord is my refuge,You are my portion in the land of the living";I choose to trust Him.
I have exchanged all the lies of the devil for the truth of God's word so I can laugh and dance no matter the odds cos the odds will always be in my favour.Hallelujah!


  1. Gladys: I completely identify with your thoughts. You have a deep understanding of the scriptures. Your son is in God's palm and His perfect will will come to pass in Josh's life. We all have unanswered prayers. We must have complete faith in God and trust Him. I am glad that you are trusting Him. Be blessed. I enjoyed reading your blog.... Veronica

  2. I appreciate your comments victoria. There are times when i feel like crawling undera rock and wailing my heart out. But i've come to believe that the plans of God for me n josh are that of good and not of evil.