Friday, 12 March 2010

Embracing The father's Love

I'll never understand so I probably should stop trying.I have racked my brains but it only gets complicated and the reason completely eludes me. what mind can comprehend the love God has for me? It is totally unfathomable. I am the most mind boggling person I have ever met.In fact I baffle myself. on the surface, I have this cool veneer but u don't want to mess with me cos I'm a dynamite waiting to explode . All u have to do is find the trigger lol. It is so difficult controlling myself but God has been my help. Hyper does not come close to describing me if my inner self is let out without a leash.
Everybody has got a past and I'm no different. sometimes I wonder why I went through the things i did and how I've survived. The good news is I'm still here and for a divine purpose.
Why Does God love me? I'm a danger waiting to happen just keep away the fireworks.
I have messed up so much in the past that i feared taking His grace for granted. Ironically, in my small way,I've tried to make up for my shortcomings by trying to earn His love by being good. But you can never be good enough for God nor earn His love. It is nigh impossible!!!God brought grace into our lives in the form of Jesus as humans beings can neither live nor excel through laws-we will always came short of being perfect.However in the perfect mirror of grace,we are made whole and right in Christ.Hallelujah.
Dearly beloved, over the years, I have learnt to trust God to make a way where there seems to be no way,to supply my needs in the days of lack, and calm turbulent situations that would have overwhelmed me otherwise. Sometimes, it might seem difficult to trust or hope when the bills are mounting and one is frail with fear. Yet we have the reassurance of God's words.Like little children, the bible encourages us to trust God with our dreams,desires and fears. Psalm 55:22 states "Cast your burden on the Lord and He shall sustain you;He shall never permit the righteous to be moved".Isn't that glorious? Our circumstances,pain,failures shouldn't drive us away from God rather drive us into His loving arms. Many people who have a distorted concept of fatherhood most times liken God to their earthly parents. But that is so wrong.I pray the lord heal every broken and abused heart in Jesus name.
Remember it does not matter where you are,who you are or what you have done, God loves you and can't wait to have u back home into His warm loving arms.

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