Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Between Fear and Pride

Yesterday, I shared my fears about resuming blogging after several weeks of absence.  I realised that by giving wings to my ideas in this case putting fingers to keyboard, the words started flowing and it became easier to write. I wondered why I was fearful in the first place?

While contemplating what to write about today, I decided to expaciate more on some of the factors that cause fear in people especially at the brink of starting  something aside from the ones listed in yesterday's post.
PRIDE: In this case implies having an unhealthy consideration of one's worth or ability. This sometimes prevents people from taking up certain roles for fear of failing and being pecieved as inept or lesser than their self pre-conceived perception. This negative  self consciousness is driven by pride which in turn prevents people from launching out . Reminds me of an episode of " The Big Bang Theory" when Sheldon refused to take driving lessons because he was afraid to fail...AGAIN!!! Instead of admitting his fears, Sheldon hid behind a facade of "transcending regular human activity such as driving" .

Of course this drove his friends who only wanted to help him off their rockers. His pride prevented him from doing! When pride comes between you and a feat nothing gets done. A friend of mine had to return to a job he left  ages ago after all else failed. Mind you, it was not an easy decision but he had to put food on the table for his growing famity and pride alone will not do that!.
 It takes humility to start from the scratch not minding what people will say. It's non of their business in the first place. Stop worrying about what people will say and start DOING. You owe yourself the right to succeed and you can only do that by being humble. Remember there is dignity in labour!
Proverbs 16:18-19 "pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall"

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