Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Do not forget

Despite my best intentions, I have become an ardent viewer of award winning television series "Hollyoaks" . It started as a simple attempt to pass the time one lazy evening and here I am "hooked"..line and sinker included.  Truth be said, the programme  has got an amazing cast with a brilliant plot filled with mind bogling yet interesting twists. In a particular episode Louis Loveday a very intelligent teacher with a knack for being in the  frontline with the students forgot an important event. From the top of his head, he could list the dates of great events in world history but this day he forgot the date of an historical moment closer to home-HIS WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! Who does that?

Women love daily attention more so on anniversaries. It's special to us. Can I get an amen sisters?
Let's not get muddled in the argument that it's a typical man thing to forget such things but zone into the fact that he forgot. SIMPLE.
Many times forgetting is simply the sign of how busy we are,stress or general going ons of life.

Just like Loveday, we  forget the things that matter but somehow  remember  the things that do not directly or even remotely  affect us...things that in the larger picture do not matter in the calender of life. Many times in the bible, the Lord would warn the Israelites never to be so subsumed in their new found wealth and freedom in the promise land that they forget the mighty arm that delivered them from the bondage of Pharaoh and Egypt. "Do not forget" is also a running theme in the New testament. Most times its not a deliberate choice to forget,  it's just human nature.
Thank God for the Holy spirit who "teaches us all things and bring all things to our rememberance".
People in the bible had different ways of remembering significant events.
Abraham built alters to God at significant moment in  his life.
Jacob set a stone and poured oil on it as a memorial of God's  visit with him in the night.
Just before his death at the last supper Jesus told his disciples to always re-enact the breaking of bread in memory of him. If it wasn't important he wouldn't have told them to remember the act.
So how do we remember.
  • Prioritise: remember not all things deserve space in your heart.
  • write it down: Habukkuk 2:2keep a diary or write small notes and strategically set them in your house or office. 
  • Set reminders: Thank God for technology.many gadgets allow you to set reminders to yourself.  
  • Be appreciative: gratitude is a conscious expression and reflection on good happenings and even bad events that have occurred to us afterall scripture says "all things work together for good"
  • Enlist the help of others: for instance break bread together with others. Get friends to remind you of God's  faithfulness  when you stray. 
  • Find what works for you.
Today, choose to remember the people that matter to you- friends that have impacted and influenced you positively in the journey of life..never mind the haters and betrayers
Remember the sunny and happy days and not dwell too much on a bleak and dreary weather cos it will soon blow away.
Don't  spend your time subsumed in the things that don't matter lest you forget the things that really do.

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