Thursday, 21 November 2013

PHAT DIARIES by Victoria Aghunopua Otono aka mamalet.

I've got "crazy" friends that drive me nuts!! From my early age I seem to have this knack for rolling with the Brady bunch. Crazy friends I can manage but what do you do if the Craziest of them all is your family member? The apple does not fall far from the apple tree they well, my baby sister takes the ace in CRAZY. Her middle name Aghunopua in my local Afemai dialect means "pure heart" and she spews goodness mixed with lyrical madness. from the stables of the self acclaimed MAMALET-whatever that means-Its the PHAT DIARIES.
first episode of PHAT DAIRIES!!! it all started on the first day of February 1989. while some were born on a platter of gold, some with a silver spoon, some into the struggles and hardship of life, my own started in black and white. hahhaa! yea black and white sounds like an old tv, old picture or some kinda graphic but it's actually the nicknames my parents were called because of their skin colors. mum was fair and dad was a dark, tall and handsome guy.(old age is telling though lolz). hmmm how did the story begin? lets go back to 1989. abeg my people, wetin concern ogogoro with poor man headache? A young man walked into a pub on the first day of February, an introduction into a month of love but his was kicked off with a story of heart break and disappointment. it was a cool evening on the streets of fatia fayemi an area very close to the popular ojuelegba under bridge. This young man walked into the pub sober with his heads down dragging his feet like his legs were so heavy, CHAI!! poor shoes, an innocent of victim of the frustration of man. "madam gimme one shot of kai kai" that was the first word that came out of his dry lips. its was unusual to have such costumer at Mama Shade's ever bubbling pub, as a result of this, people were astonished at his sight, there and then he became the center of attraction. un gingered, he sipped his shot of kai kai with his point finger in his mouth, stuck between his teeth, eyes rolling as he looked into the air shaking his head in regrets. one major characteristic of old men, 'dey no dey ever mind dem business' hmmm na lie i talk? ' my son while are you so sad? you look like the whole world is on top of your head. hmmm papa i know you care, but do you know if this young man understands your heavy grammar? lets find out. the young man had already felt the aura that someone was in front of him, the figure had blocked the little light that was around him and the voice hit his heart making it beat fastest like the race was almost over. slowly, he brought down his head to see the person who cared so much about him. he said " she's a sickle cell, we can never be, it can never work, 5 years of endless pleasure, she hid that dark secret, what happens when AS and SS meet? will i let innocent kids suffer because of lust? the old man cleared his throat and smiled, he said " standing at the peak of a mountain, what will you do? relieved at the thought, the young man ordered for more shots of kaikiai, this time the kaikai came with a sumptuous plate of well garnished snail with some pepper pomo ( i could ask for more lols). lost in the sweetness of their exciting refreshment they laughed so hard and filled the air with their funtastic discussion which only them understood, chei the effects of kaikai. one thing about Nigerians who meet themselves and discover they speak the same language, they automatically become brothers. After so much fun together, discussing about women ( where two or three men are gathered, abeg wetin be main gist apart from money and drink? na yash na lol). the young man tips the old man for making his evening and relieving his pain before he left. two years later, they meet again. this time, the titan meets the gods. who will win? PHAT DAIIRES. written by victoria Agunupua Otono aka Mamalet...

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  1. Interesting!!can't wait to read the next episode!!!thumbs up vicky