Sunday, 5 September 2010

Single and Content

It was a girls- night- in the other day at my place.4 of my friends had come over with their kids but the lil ones were in bed so it was time for the mamas to let down their hair and have a good ol no-holds-barred discussion. It was d usual banter of pampers, breastfeeding and single living as we were all single parents(topic 4 anoda time) until we got to the matter of sex.Imagine the shock on their faces when I proudly told them I had not had sex in 5 yrs.Suddenly It seemed I had grown two heads.*Miriam blatantly said I was either being secretive or lying and the argument ensued on how I was living in the dark ages, how am I coping with sexual urges,dt I needed a man in my life bla, bla bla.
I am not anti-man but I don’t believe either that one needs a man to live a fulfilled life. Following the birth of my son, I had to prioritise my life and focus on what's important-Me. I have also embraced God's truth about the sanctity of marriage. (Sadly, I learnt that after getting knocked up).However, I’m not living in the rut of the past but I’ve learnt from it. I believe men are created to complement not complete us as women. I refuse to hold myself in check while waiting to be married. I know a couple of ladies that moan about being single and marvel when I say I’m single and content. Of course, I need the occasional assistance but I’ve got no plans to jump off a bridge if I don’t. I've learnt to wait and trust God for a partner and that doesn’t mean I should sample every man that comes my way with the hope that one might be Mr. Right.
The term "my body is the temple of the holy spirit" holds a whole different meaning to me. I have embraced it in all entirety and would not compromise. To the question how i've been able to stay so long without sex? Dearie, the first 2 years were hard but i learnt to invite God in every moment of weakness and the bible rightly says “in my weakness His strength is made manifest. I also avoid sexual discussions or situations that will encourage sexual overtures. And when those werewolves come sniffing at my vine yard I tell them point blank where and what I stand for. I’m too old (still 16) anyway to pussy foot around.
To my girl friends who think I’m weird for what I stand for, well I’ll rather be weird than cheap.
To the ladies out there who think it’s impossible to be single and content....then u've been reading your bible upside down.
Can you abstain from sex while waiting for the right man......yes you can! And be happy.

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