Monday, 1 June 2015

What's your postcode?

Ireland is currently working on plans to introduce postcodes into the country as part of ongoing projects to improve the existing system.  This development aims to enhance and ease postal service delivery especially when people are filling forms on the Internet for international purchases
There will be no expected  changes to home addresses just an inclusion of the area code for easy identification.  The code system will also help enhance essential service delivery like ambulance response to distress calls to remote homes as codes will help narrow the location more
 London has an excellent code system.  Mind you, housing prices differ from code to code. Some postcodes are more crime prone while the more posh areas cost a pound and a dollar but in the long run worth every bit of money! Postcode maps boundaries between locales. In fact some people make a boast in their post codes...even the least attractive ones. Some people take it seriously even to extremes regarding their territories. If the postcode systems could be narrowed by labels like Faith ville,  Fear arena, Confusion valley, Doubt domain, Jealousy avenue, Messed- up grove even Death Zone where would you find yourself?
 Under which code label are you likely to belong or are even domiciled at the moment. I would certainly love Prosperity park where i'm  rich in love and have enough to bless others with. Grace view is not a bad idea  either where I am basking in unmerited favour-God's Riches At Christ Expense- a place without struggle  but rest in God's immense love. Healthy Haven would be a popular code for a lot of people too;a sickness free zone. The best of them all is Redemption  Camp where every home has self control, gentleness, faithfulness, patience-the whole enchiladas!Wouldn't that be simply awesome?

Once upon a time I thrived in low esteem, fear, rejection and many other debilitating emotion until I realised I had a choice to change my postcode so to say  and I gladly moved. I CHANGED ZONE. Sometimes I find elements of the old life in my new home but I quickly toss them out. I have no space for depression, gossip or victim mentality,  they don't belong in my new area code!

My desire for you is that in the month of June  you'll shift from sickness to divine health, fear to faith, poverty to prosperity in Jesus name. You have to change location and this comes by the renewing of the mind, Romans 12:2 ".don't copy the behaviours and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think". For most people, this change is not instantaneous rather its a gradual process worth every ouce of effort.  Are you ready to move? Call the removal van, let starts packing but only the good stuffs mind you.

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